Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes made three interceptions in front of more than 70,000 spectators in Denver, offered with a no-look passport thrown on the left of the NBA-Running Back Derick McKinnon to among his 2
Touchdowns used, but for incredulous wonder.
Mahomes tossed for 352 backyards and three goals.
In Mile High, whatever appeared like a clear success at 27: 0 for the chiefs prior to the Broncos with 3 goals came back in three and a half minutes of the game.

Almost the whole last quarter had to do without a quarterback Russell Wilson, who suffered a concussion in a tough hit soon prior to the end zone.
Back-Up Brett Repair tossed a touchdown pass on receiver Jerry Judy, who caught the ball three times in the end zone.
When Chiefs-Cornerback L’Marius Need caught a pass 4:20 minutes before the end, the Broncos was stopped.
34:28 for the Chiefs suggests the 14th triumph in a row versus the department rival.

Stark Chargers hold Miami Nieder-Eenges Play-off races in the AFC

The Los Angeles Chargers (7: 6) ensured that Kansas City (10: 3) has not yet (totally) safe in the AFC West, through a 23:17 success versus Miami Dolphins.
Quarterback Justin Herbert brought 39 (out of 51) passes (career maximum) for 367 yards and a touchdown to the guy, the personnel-defined Chargers-Defense held the Dolphins offensive around TUA Tagovailoa (just 10 out of 28 passes!) And its
Star receiver Tyree Hill (2 TD) as finest I could.
The Chargers in the narrow race of the AFC would currently have a play-off ticket as a seventh, but might still be changed by the New England Patriots (6: 6) on Monday night.


In the NFC, Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers set a very bitter defeat in San Francisco on Sunday.