Biathlon is an Olympic and Paralympic sport that takes place on snow. It’s a combination of cross-country skiing and rifle shooting, where competitors ski the course while aiming at targets with their rifles. It’s a winter sport, so it’s only appropriate to read about it in the winter!

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Biathlon: France wins the women’s season in high felting live tickers to read

Farewell!: That’s it from the 2nd women’s relay this season!
France gets the triumph in front of Sweden, while Germany needs to give up in the battle for third place against Italy
When a sprint is on the program, the athletes will continue in Annecy next Friday
Until then and farewell!
OSV team in the leading 10: The team of the Austrian Ski Association will certainly have expected more than ninth place at the home World Cup
Two charge rounds of Julia Schweitzer in the standing attack have thrown the season recklessly, so that absolutely nothing was possible for the final runner Lisa Theresa Mauser
However, Anna Handler’s appearance is positive, who had the ability to shine both on the cross-country ski run and at the shooting range and was accountable for an interlocking chase
DSV relay is scraping past the podium: a podium was also possible for the German season after the podium of Kontiolahti
Anna Wade, Franziska Press and Vanessa Vogt completed a strong race in the very first 3 positions and have actually placed the quartet
Denise Herrmann-Wick permitted himself the decisive shooting mistakes in the four-way battle with France, Sweden and Italy, which is why the train forward was in principle before the end
Sweden damages at the shooting variety: This suggests the 2nd lady’s relay in winter season in the history books!
After the Swedes began, the French homeowners with Lou JeanMonnot, Anaïs Chevalier-Bouchet, Chloe Chevalier and Julia Simon and referred the Scandinavians to second place
At the shooting variety, the Berg siblings and Co. have allowed themselves a lot of after-loaders
As the third group, Italy can should have to get on the podium after a strong race
In the meantime, even the success was within reach

Biathlon: Season of females in Hochfilzen now in the live ticker racing

Swiss team in sixth place: Ingrid Landmark Tindrevold runs comfortably over the goal for Norway as a fifth placed
This is followed by Lena Häcki-Groß, who wound up in the Swiss group past the Czech Republic
Lisa Theresa Mauser has actually still protected the OSV relay at the house World Cup, which comes in ninth position
France wins from Sweden!: Elvira Berg makes an extremely fresh impression, but Julia Simon likewise presents herself as a strong running and does not make the Swede essential
France wins with a lead of ten seconds ahead of the Scandinavians
The 3rd is Lisa Vittozzi received by her cheering teammates from Italy
For the German season with Denise Herrman-Wick, only 4th location remains
What else is going on for Germany?: The Frenchwoman Julia Simon runs over the route in front of Elvira Berg from Sweden and still has a cushion of 9 seconds, whether that works?
On The Other Hand, Denise Herrmann-Wick has targeted the Italian Lisa Vittozzi once again, however a whopping 16 seconds is still missing out on

At the Biathlon World Cup weekend in Hochfilzen, France wins the ladies season
Germany misses out on the podium as 4th, even because Denise Herrmann-Wick fails on the final round
The live ticker for reading
The German female’s relay missed out on the podium at the Biathlon World Cup in Hochfilzen
The quartet of the German Ski Association (DSV) with Anna Wade, Franziska Press, Denise Herrmann-Wick and Vanessa Vogt took 4th location in the race over 4×6 km
Final runner Herrmann-Wick lost one of the very first 3 locations with 4 loaders
The DSV team wound up in 2nd place at the World Cup begin in the Kontialahti
The success went to France (0 charge rounds +4 followers), which was 10.4 seconds ahead of Sweden (0 +9) and Italy (0 +4/ +18.5)
Germany was 33.7 seconds behind
The 3rd World Cup will take place in Annecy-Le Grand Born and in Annecy-Le Grand to Sunday
The program consists of sprint, persecution and for the very first time this winter a mass start race
Biathlon, season of women: last score |
Square |
Country |
1 |
France |
1: 14: 27.1
2 |
Sweden |
+ 10.4
3 |
Italy |
+ 18.5
4 |
Germany |
+ 33.7
5 |
Norway |
+ 1: 12.9

Chevalier presses the accelerator: as a fast runner, Chloe Chevalier has already approved ground on Samuel Comola
Possibly the two nations will appear at the very same time the next time they shoot
Vanessa Vogt also munches the space slightly and is 29 seconds behind the tip
OSV group scratches the leading five: Anna Handler has actually also done her area and might be really pleased
The OSV relay is in 6th location in the race and is still in 5th place in Norway
At the Swiss group, Elisa Gasparino has now switched to Lea Meier
2 \
Change: Dorothea Wearer has actually gotten here in the stadium again and turned over to the French season with a lead of twelve seconds to Samuel Comola
For France, Chloe Chevalier is now on the path, for the Swedes Hanna Berg
Germany remains in fourth place after the second modification and is now hoping for Vanessa Vogt
Chevalier-Bouchet lacks the air: Dorothea Wearer runs almost 15 seconds at the last round in front of Anaïs Chevalier-Bouchet, which now makes a little springs
Anna Mansion and Franziska Press keep a respect for each other prior to Emilie Affair Wallenberg follows with a minute behind
Handler chase: Anna Handler does an exceptional job under the cheers of domestic fans!
The Austrian remained perfect in the standing attack and has actually now leapt to 6th place
AITA Gasparino follows for Switzerland instantly behind it
Both countries have a space of just over a minute
4 \
Shooting: The very first professional athletes have actually currently come to the shooting variety and are getting ready for the standing stop
Dorothea Wearer fires the very first shot, places on all the disc and takes the lead alone
Anaïs Chevalier-Bouchet has more problems and has to reload twice
Franziska Press shows no weakness and takes fifth place in the DSV season
Wearer in the slipstream: Dorothea Wearer holds on the ski ends of Anaïs Chevalier-Bouchet all the time and shows no interest in taking on management work
Together, the top duo continues to do ground on the pursuers
Chevalier-Bouchet dictates the speed: Anaïs Chevalier-Bouchet and Dorothea Wearer also run the 2nd round together on the trail
Anna Mansion is in third location as the 3rd, her deficit is currently 16 seconds
Franziska Press follows as a 4th, another 7 seconds behind the Swede
3 \
Shooting: Anna Handler went back on the track with a relief loader, which the Austrian flushed in eleventh location
On The Other Hand, AITA Gasparino consolidated the fifth position of the Swiss team and asserted herself to Norwegian Emilie Affair Wallenberg
3 \
Shooting: Anna Mansion encounters the stadium for the lying attack and right away slams the first cartridge on the rank
Both Anaïs Chevalier-Bouchet and Dorothea Wearer, on the other hand, fix the job optimally and take the lead
Franziska Press also meets whatever and runs afterwards
Mansion loses easy: Anaïs Chevalier-Bouchet slowly approaches Anna Mansion, who is among the best runners and reduces the space over 10 seconds
Dorothea Wearer from Italy also runs along in the French slipstream
How does Handler do?: In specific, the Austrians will look carefully
It turns Anna Handler there, who just commemorated her World Cup debut on Thursday in the sprint and landed in 51
At the minute, the house country just ranks 13th and has a space of 55 seconds to the front
Switzerland in the chasing after role: Elisa Gasparino had the ability to complete a good final round and send her sis AITA 5th in the race
Anaïs Chevalier-Bouchet is now running at France and Caroline Offigstad is knotting for the Norwegians
1 \
Change: Line Person was the very first runner to get here in the transition zone and hand over to Anna Mansion for Sweden
After the strong efficiency in the very first part, Rebecca Passer reached the stadium in 2nd place and is now sending out Dorothea Wearer on track
Anna Wade is 21.7 seconds behind the leading and modifications to Franziska Press
JeanMonnot overtakes Wade: Behind the first-placed Line Person is now Rebecca Passer from Italy, who finishes an outstanding area
The French woman Lou JeanMonnot passed and started a little catch-up Anna Wade, who is now combating for every tenth at the final round
2 \
Shooting: At Elisa Gasparino, things are not going according to prepare this time and has to use two reliefs
Even Tunja Doug does not get through flawlessly, but lasts in an excellent eighth location and has 34 seconds behind the extreme

Last shooting: The tension increases!
Elvira Berg and Julia Simon reach the last shooting and duel in the standing stop
Simon shows no nerves and bangs all the slices away
For Berg it means staying relaxed and not being interrupted
And that succeeds fantastic
It only needs one after the loader
In the battle against Lisa Vittozzi, Denise Herrmann-Wick, on the other hand, requires 2 relegates and needs to hand in the podium
Sweden once again in the lead: Denise Herrmann-Wick pressed previous Lisa Vittozzi again on the path
At the top, Elvira Berg also closed the hole to Julia Simon and took very first place
5th in Fifth Columns: Ingrid Landmark Tangrevold does not burn anything in 5th location and switches the windows straight away
Behind it, Lucie Charvatova led the Czech relay to the sixth position before Lena Häcki-Groß follows with a distance of regard
7 \
Shooting: With a little lead, Elvira Berg reaches her lying attack, but both Julia Simon and Denise Herrmann-Wick are in the instant area
Berg affords the very first error, which Simon uses mercilessly and passes
Herrmann-Wick even has to reload twice and loses her position to Lisa Vittozzi, for whom it went a little better
Berg slightly lost: In fact, Julia Simon and Denise Herrmann-Wick come out for a few seconds to Elvira Berg, who generally constantly invokes the very best terms in the snow
Even Lisa Vittozzi can not be composed off in 4th place in fourth place
Norway definitely in 5th location: As a 5th location, Ingrid Landmark Tangrevold ought to be an extremely lonesome race
Nothing goes forward at the moment, not in fact backwards
For Switzerland, Lena Häcki-Groß is now seventh on the track, Lisa Theresa Mauser wants to push the OSV season forward from eleventh
Last modification: that was a very strong performance by Hanna Berg!
The fast Swede sends her colleague and sis Elvira Berg to France and Germany with a lead of eleven seconds
Julian Simon and Denise Herrmann-Wick are now on there, for Italy Lisa Vittozzi shoots off the competition
Vogt brings third place: Vanessa Vogt bites her teeth and fights past Samuel Comola
Likewise about Chloe Chevalier are just a couple of meters missing out on
In contrast, Hanna Berg loosens a little piece of the rest at the front
Exciting season: All in all, it stays a race with really tight periods!
The first four teams all still have practical possibilities of winning
Between the Swede Hanna Berg, who has actually now taken control of the top, and Vanessa Vogt are just eight seconds
Structure for Austria: Caroline Era likewise affords a leader, but defends fifth location in Norway
Julia Schweitzer now has excellent troubles, who needs to go through the penalty for Austria two times
This is making use of Lea Meier, who leads the Swiss season in seventh place
6 \
Shooting: Chloe Chevalier concerns her second shoot with a little lead
Can she keep France in the very first position or can the competition attack again?
The French woman fails when, but corrects her error right away!
Italy is completed a bit much faster with Samuel Comola
Hanna Berg and Vanessa Vogt follow right away
Vogt loses third location: Hanna Berg takes a short procedure on the trail and flies past Vanessa Vogt
The German does not even attempt to connect to the Swede’s boards, however immediately lets a small hole space
The distance in between the DSV relay to the Norwegians and Caroline Era is comfortable backwards
Schweitzer begins well: Julia Schweitzer likewise kept his nerves in the lying attack and provided a perfect series
In this method, the Austrian holds her pursuer Lea Meier from Switzerland at a distance, who in turn had to take the refilling cartridge
5 \
Shooting: Samuel Comola and Chloe Chevalier throw themselves on the mats for the lying attack
Both professional athletes start nearly simultaneously, provide a strong shooting and go back on the track carefully
Just the Hanna Berg has a little problem for repetitive and lost a bit due to 3 after-loaders
Vanessa Vogt uses the favor of the hour and leaps in third place
Berg gets better: Chloe Chevalier is getting closer to Samuel Comola, only a couple of meters are separated from each other
Hanna Berg also plays out her strong runner and slowly steams up to Italy and France

2 \
Shooting: And the 2nd shooting is currently pending!
Now it is time for the runners to prove themselves in the standing attack
Line Person begins initially and delicately puts on whatever 5 slices
Anna Wade also hits the mark five times and gets the Swede’s persecution
Person keeps the pace high: In the meantime, only Line Person from Sweden is at the leading edge, who obviously wants to go out a small cushion for standing shooting
Anna Wade fell back to seventh location
Duo triggers a little: Lisa Person and Elisa Gasparino tore a little space on the trail
Behind it presses Paulina Batista Altova from Slovakia on television and gradually introduces the pursuers back to the top
Anna Wade likewise runs in the 2nd group
1 \
Shooting: The Austrian Esterhazy Tunja Doug had to use a filling cartridge and tackles the next round in sixth place
In contrast, Norway and France only rank 13 and 14
1 \
Shooting: Now it is getting severe for the first time today, due to the fact that the whole field is running closed to the shooting range
Who can put their country into the finest beginning point after the lying shooting?
Elisa Gasparino fires the first shot and is the very first to go through the timing
Lisa Person and Anna Wade likewise resolve the first task
Irwin is running in front: For the very first time, the professional athletes go through the Omega, where there were currently some falls in this World Cup week
Whatever is going well this time because the last danger is of course still avoided
At the top of the field, Deer Irwin from the USA is determining the rate
Anna Wade remains in the 3rd position
The relay process: All runners finish a running range over six kilometers via their area
In addition, they face the job of the job at the shooting range when in the lying and standing stop
In contrast to the individual races, three loading cartridges are available per series
For every single disc that has not yet fallen, 150 extrameters have to be run in the charge round
Let’s go!: The starting shot of the female’s relay has fallen and the position fights on the track start right away!
Anna Wade starts for the German quartet, who dueled on the first six kilometers with the Austrian Tunja Doug and Elisa Gasparino from Switzerland

Biathlon: Season of women in Hochfilzen now in the Linebacker start

Before the start: Naturally, the Swedish season is at the top of the lists after its opening victory
In the line-up of Line Person, Anna Mansion, Hanna Berg and Elvira Berg, fantastic capacity is slumbering, specifically in terms of runner
The French are likewise to be anticipated as normal, which Lou JeanMonnot, Anaïs Chevalier-Bouchet, Chloe Chevalier and Julia Simon send out
And the Norwegians also want to get associated with the podium battle with Caroline Offigstad Knotted, Emilie Affair Wallenberg, Caroline Era and Ingrid Landmark
Before the start: The professional athletes of the Austrian Ski Association will definitely be particularly inspired in front of the domestic audience in Hochfilzen
However, a lot will depend upon the position in which the final runner Lisa Theresa Mauser can intervene in the competition, because the 28-year-old is the nominally plainly the strongest starter from the red and white-red camp
Formerly, Tunja Doug, Anna Handler and Julia Schweitzer are their rely on keep their team in the very best possible area
Prior to the start: For the German group, the prelude to the relay winter season last weekend
The DSV quartet in Kontiolahti took an impressive 2nd place behind the dominant Swedes
The strong shooter Anna Wade will once again be asked as the start runner
This time, this time Franziska Press for Sophia Schneider takes over in second position prior to the set Vanessa Vogt and Denise Herrmann-Wick follow
A podium is always in the area of the possible
Prior to the start: A relay race has actually already been held this winter with the females
In Finnish Contiaolai, Sweden won in front of Germany and Norway about two weeks earlier
The DSV relay around Denise Herrmann-Wick lacked a great 30 seconds in the first season race
How does Germany perform in Hochfilzen today?
Before the start: The race in Hochfilzen begins today at 11.30 a.m
Before the start: hello and welcome to the live ticker of the season race of females at the biathlon in Hochfilzen

Biathlon: Season of women in Hochfilzen today live on TV and livestream

On totally free television today the ZDF and Eurosport shows the season of women in high felting live
In the free livestream you can see the race additionally in the ZDF media library or at ZDF.de
With the Eurosport Gamer, Eurosport uses you the opportunity to experience the relay race in the paid live stream
You can likewise see the live stream from Eurosport as DAZN consumers
On DAZN you can see the season of women in Hochfilzen live and completely in the live stream
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Biathlon: The consultations at the World Cup in Hochfilzen

Date |
Start |
08.12.2022 (Thu) |
2.10 p.m. |
Sprint ladies 7.5 km
09.12.2022 (FR) |
1:45 p.m. |
Sprint guys 10 km
10.12.2022 (SA) |
11.30 a.m. |
Persecution females 10 km
10.12.2022 (SA) |
1:40 p.m. |
Season men 4 x 7.5 km
11.12.2022 (Sun) |
11.30 a.m
Season women 4 x 6 km
11.12.2022 (Sun) |
2:15 p.m. |
Persecution guys 12.5 km.