Them Müller reports from Qatar
Both coach Coleslaw Michniewicz, whose agreement ends and superstar Robert Lewandowski, left their future open at the round of 16 and in the Polish national group.
What immediately stimulates speculations that one could be connected to the other.
Particularly: does Lewandowski only continue if another coach takes control of?
There are certainly trustworthy signs for such conjectures.
He has frequently made it clear that the top scorer with the defensive standard orientation preferred by Michniewicz is not exactly happy.


On Sunday evening Lewandowski stated: I require happiness in the video game, and we require this joy in the near future.
At the exact same time, according to the 34-year-old, there is many things around his age that might lead to this that this was my last World Cup.

in one breath with Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo

Whether Michniewicz gets an extension from the association at all seems in the suspension, despite the very first Polish World Cup round of ulcer for 36 years.
As a Jungian on the scale, as has typically held true when filling the training post in Lewandowski.
Verbally, the coach has already done whatever in the previous couple of days to keep his captain pleased.
We didn’t help Robert to score an objective, stressed Michniewicz after the 0: 2 against Argentina and put in the room: If Messi would play with us and Lewandowski near Argentina, then Robert would have scored five objectives.
Even after the 1: 3 versus France, the 52-year-old called his star again in one breath with Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo as one of the 3 outstanding gamers of the decade.

It has to do with taking pleasure in the game.

If we play defensively, there is no happiness.

Robert Lewandowski
Hymns that express the undoubted appreciation, however might likewise be interpreted as an approach of opening up.
Lewandowski’s recent declarations are as soon as again translated as a criticism of the coach: It is about having to enjoy the game. However, when we play defensively, there is no delight.
Nevertheless, the admitting defensive pope Michniewicz would not change his philosophy, as he honestly confesses: If we would bet Andorra and San Marino, Robert would constantly score 5 objectives, and we would not have this conversation, said Michniewicz.
However we have other challengers and a different style than France or Portugal. That’s why Robert’s circumstance is hard. However, that doesn’t indicate that he can not score goals in the national group. He has actually shown that he is not isolated in the field.
We have a fantastic relationship.
I know that Robert doesn’t want to criticize me.

Coleslaw Michniewicz
In the exact same breath Wieschniewicz, the interpretation emphatically back to lie with Lewandowski: We have an excellent relationship. I understand that Robert does not want to criticize me with his statements.
Nevertheless, this possible version also stays totally free: Lewandowski actually brings understanding for Michniewicz ‘tactical fundamental orientation and steps back.
In any case, it was not foreseeable for outsiders where the mixture will develop in the near future.
And some people recommend that even Michniewicz and Lewandowski still puzzle over it.