Vincent Geiger fought third location at the World Cup of the Nordic combiners in Lille hammer with an outstanding mileage.
The 25-year-old seemed hopelessly back after a dive to 131 meters.
In an exciting last sprint, however, the Oberstdorfer passed the Austrian Mario Sail quickly prior to the finish and ran behind the finish line behind the Norwegian winner Earl Magnus Ribber and his compatriot Jens Lucas often over the surface line.


When the ten-kilometer race began, Geiger’s gap to Sail had been 1:27 minutes.
Geiger had already shown a strong mileage the day in the past and had sprinted in 3rd location from 18th.
On Sunday, Johannes Ryder Sail also overtook and ended up fourth.
Julian Schmidt ended up being 8th, Manuel Fine eleventh and Eric Freeze took twelfth location.