Or in the end something entirely various? The unusual grip of Portugal’s superstar Cristiano Ronaldo into his pants at the start of the World Cup versus Ghana has actually caused thinking rates and speculation in social networks and in Portuguese media.

A chewing gum, hypothesized the Portuguese newspaper Record on Friday to the video to reject this idea directly: unlikely. The sheet A Bola, on the other hand, was particular that the 37-year-old captain got an energy increase there.

From the 3: 2 against Ghana, videos and pictures were published that revealed how Ronaldo reached into his pants throughout the game, searched for something for seconds, pulled his distribute once again and put something in his mouth.

Referee professional: Ronaldo does not act violently

It would be various if the food had actually been packed. If someone takes a Tupper box with them on the field and suddenly starts having breakfast, it is naturally prohibited, Wagner continued.


The campaign was not violent, as the former referee and today’s expert Lutz Wagner said in the ARD. Obviously it looks uncommon, however no other gamer was endangered. That is why Ronaldo’s action is essentially allowed, stated the sman professional.

Ronaldo could likewise have kept a tablet in his pants. The Portuguese, who had actually scored the 1-0 versus Ghana and has actually now been the first gamer at five various world champions, did not discuss the much-discussed scene.