Ludwigsburg (6-2) stays in the leading group. The hosts earned the success thanks to a strong 4th round (17:11).

The Telecom Baskets Bonn needed to take the first season of season in the Basketball Bundesliga.

The very best shooter at the giants was Prentice Hub with 24 points. TJ Shorts and Jeremy Morgan scored the very best for the Bonner’s with 21 points each.

The Rhinelander lost to the MHP giant Ludwigsburg with 80:84 (49:44) and lost the cause Alba Berlin (6-0) with a record of 6: 1. The master will contend at BG Göttingen on Sunday (3 p.m.).

MBC sends out signs of life

At the end of the table, the Syntactic MBC from Weißenfels commemorated the 2nd win of the season with the 96:83 (53:40) via Media Bayreuth. The club from Saxony-Anhalt surpassed the guests, who also have two successes in the account and are now penultimate.

The Hard Merlins Trailhead added the 3rd defeat to the Hamburg Towers with their 92:84 (53:33). Due to the 3rd success in the 8th game, the hosts have at least made the connection to the playoff ranks. The towers (4: 4), on the other hand, continue to slip after an excellent start.