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Series A Worker quakes at Juventus Turin

The club revealed this on Monday. Managing Director Maurizio Arrivabene, previously group manager at the Formula 1 racing team Ferrari, should accompany the transition to the facility of a new board.

Financially, the association noted on the Milan Stock Market, June collected a loss of 254 million euros in the last fiscal year. Agnelo had discussed the countless millions with corona pandemic.

A minimum of stylish, June was recently on the upward, although the old woman missed the knockout round in the Champions League, in Serie A Turin won 6 video games in a row until the World Cup break.


The entire board of the Italian soccer record champ Juventus Turin, including President Andrea Agnelo and his deputy Pavel Nerved, has surprisingly resigned.

At the end of October, the Turin public district attorney’s office had actually completed the examination into forgery and irregularities in gamer transfers versus the club. 16 defendants threatens a process, including Agnelo, Arrivabene and Nerved.

FFXIV Culinary class quests Guide

In Final Fantasy XIV, the profession of cooking is one of the eight craft professions in Disciples of the Hand. As expected, they cook food, and cooking allows you to create powerful food buffs that will give you and others to DPS bonuses and other characteristics. But the path to the culinary maximum level is quite long, so here is our full guide for the classroom quests of the cook.

General advice to culinary

Cooking is one of the most complex quests, because each result requires several ingredients. Nevertheless, delivery is usually in the singular, so you can choose one of two ways:

  1. Prepare food for exchange on your own, and then sell the remainder on the trading platform.
  2. Collect a bunch of Gila and do the opposite, buying up everything, and not creating yourself

The advantage of the first method is that you will gain experience faster and can easily increase the level of your cook, but if you are simply looking for the fastest and most simple method, you can simply buy the necessary items. And if there is the one you fight, just miss it! Buy it on the market board and move forward.

In addition, although equipment is probably important, you should not spend money on it until you are blocked from craft. You will receive enough equipment for quests every time to keep up. Most likely, you will not need to buy any culinary equipment to the 70th level.

Culinary class quests ALM REBORN

Below is a guide for all culinary quests in ALM REBORN (ARR). This will allow you to unlock the class to level 50 and, perhaps, higher with any buffs of experience that you may have.

Path of Culinary-Level 1

This is the first quest, and just a quest for unlocking. Just talk to Lung sat (X: 10, D: 8) to complete it.

My first pan-Level 1

You do not even need to leave Bismarck (Ulnar Guild) for the first quest. Go to Jewish , buy a little maple juice and make maple syrup. Light!

  • Result: maple syrup

Trinity Release-Level 5

The preparation of maple syrup is likely to give you only the second or third level. So quickly prepare several other simple recipes to reach the fifth level, and then talk with Lung sat (X: 10, D: 8) again. This time he wants fried trout. However, do not worry about taking fishing for fish. Go to Gain x: 10.4, d 13.7 on the upper decks to buy a little princess of trout to the dish.

  • Result: grill trout

Complete yourself-Level 10

This is another where you do not need to leave the guild. Buy products from Jewish and send and deliver the portions of the grill Ingram.

  • Result: 2 fried Dodo

on the tip of skewer-level 15

Next is another one, to create which you do not need to leave the guild. This is a meat Cabot. If you are fighting for the levels, go through and make all the recipes that you have not completed yet. Experience from the execution of each quest should give you about two levels, but you will need to supplement the rest with craft or quests.

  • Result: Cabot meat

Liberation of the burden-Level 20

You will have to try to find your own ingredients with all your might, and not just use the guild store. It starts just with a pixie of the plum. Find them and turn them into dried plums.

  • Result: dried plums

to win friends using Aldgoat-level 25

Let’s get back to things that you can collect quite easily. All these items are available in guilds, so just buy them and prepare your Admit steak.

  • Result: Oldest Steak

Salesman is coming-level 30

This is your first quest, which will require an object of high quality (HQ). To make a high-quality item, you need to make sure that the quality of the item corresponds to the threshold of 100% quality when it is synthesis. In addition, the quality does not have to be 100%, but you risk not getting an HQ item. From now on, to perform all quests, a headquarters or collection objects will be required, unless otherwise indicated.

  • Result: smoked lizard (HQ)

about cooks and books-level 35

This is a kind of plot mission in which you will learn about the management of the restaurant. But in fact, the trick is that you need to collect uncomfortable ingredients for Ratty. Again, it should be the headquarters.

  • Result: Ratty (headquarters)

Skillet Diplomacy-Level 40

The first delivery of several dishes will require many items to obtain the final result. I would advise you to collect most of these materials from the Chamber of Commerce, and not independently, since many of them are quite high ingredients.

  • Result: blood currant pie (HQ), casserole (HQ), tea with chamomile (HQ)

Taste at home-Level 45

Another more complex list of ingredients, mainly for the items that it consists. Again, we offer to get them from Market Board for convenience.

  • Result: Female Grate (headquarters)

Revenge of Shefsbein-Level 50

In the final of ARR quests, you will arrange a full feast for Chefs bane. You will need to either hunt creatures for all these ingredients, or rely on the market. In any case, you will need some time to collect all these materials. And after their creation, you are likely to rise from the 50th level to the 60th!

  • Result: EFT Steak (HQ), stewed beef (HQ), Trappers Quiché (HQ), Crown Pie (HQ)

Hyde on Culinary quests Heavenward

By the time you finish the last Arr Bulgarian quest, you will most likely be far beyond the level of the 50th level, as a result you can easily perform Heavenward quests. But the quests themselves will be one of the most difficult and disappointing, so continue!

Wait for me-level 50

This is an introductory quest, there are no results in it, and you will receive three manuals for commercial engineering.

spoon less sugar-Level 53

The next four quests are one of the most annoying in the line of quests of the culinary master. Mainly because each recipe is very complex, requires several elements and often several stages. There are not many tips here, but make sure that you have money or patience to deal with it.

  • Result: Asgard Tea (HQ), Soho all Tart (not necessarily HQ)

in search of hot things-Level 55

Three more meals with complex ingredients and cooking. It is here that many people will refuse cooking, at least for a while, since collecting everything for this set of quests is tiring, but continue!

  • Result: Roll Kaiser, beetroot soup, sweet grill fish (all HQ)

Love Meat Tender-Level 58

Another difficult recipe is at least the only one.

  • Result: Polaris meatballs (HQ)

Spirit of hospitality-Level 60

Everything is done with some of the most difficult quests! Enjoy the victorious circle.

  • Result: Scorch salad, deep-fried Oceanic, Marion Glass (HQ)

Guide for quests Storm blood Bulgarian

As in the case of Heavenward quests, you will probably be higher than the 60th level when you start them. Do not worry, since you will have to catch up in the levels later in the quest chain.

aromas of the Far East-Level 60

Another introductory quest. There is no result, just hand over it and get a few more technical manuals. Great for a slight increase in level.

rice to the occasion-level 63

You will notice that the game has become much easier, as they simply give you the ingredients. At the moment, it is important to have quite high characteristics for the implementation of recipes, and not to collect them.

  • Result: Woman rice balls (HQ)

broth from brine-level 65

You are given ingredients for making broth. Simple.

  • Result: broth Woman Upon (headquarters)

Teach a person to catch fish-Level 68

Another mission, another time, the ingredients will be given to you. Make fish.

  • Result: Nigiri-dushi (headquarters)

The Way to Father’s Heart-Level 70

On this, the culinary chain Storm blood is completed. Since all the ingredients are given to you, this one really tries to make craft very difficult.


  • Result: Woman Sukiyaki (headquarters)

Guadowbringers and the Crystalline Mean quests Guide

For Shadow bringers, the class quests’ system were radically changed. Instead, it was changed to be more similar to a user delivery system. For a cook, you will talk with Be trick in Crystarium (X: 10.8, Y: 8.6). Only six delivery. None of this should be the headquarters, except for the quest.

  • Level 70-edible antidote x18
  • Level 73-porridge x18 rich in nutrients
  • Level 75-strengthening soup x18
  • Level 75-Proposal of sweets X1 (HQ)
  • Level 78-Feed Be rube X18
  • Level 80-Amaro feed in the style of Run X1 (HQ)

End walker and Guardian Guide Stadium Deliveries

The delivery system is returned for End walker, this time for delivery Stadium. Cooking is again combined with alchemists, but this is clearly a line of quests based on food. As in Shadow bringers, there are eight quests and six delivery. Complete the quest incomprehensible tastes to unlock them, then talk to the Debra, old Charlatan (X: 5.4, Y: 8.2), after. Each of these items, in addition to the headquarters, is a unique collection subject. To get the appropriate levels, we suggest using levels in the harbor of the scientist for experience.

  • Level 70-sweetener Analog X6
  • Level 73-yeast Analog X6
  • Level 75-Panaloafa X6 oil
  • Level 75-Golden Spice (HQ)
  • Level 78-Ascorbic supplement X6
  • Level 80-Ingredient for Harlan fish cutlets (HQ)
    To find out more news, guidelines and information about the Final Fantasy XIV, get acquainted with the Final Fantasy XIV, which received the Best Game Community award from Golden Joystick Awards in Games for Professionals.

Regal violation before Spain

caution? Fine?

The German team lives throughout the Winter World Cup in the far north of the country, so it is around 100 kilometers to Doha. The next press conference in the media center in Doha is currently on Wednesday, i.e. the day before the decisive and last group game against Costa Rica, nationwide coach Flick is expected in the capital of Qatar.


The World Association announced on Monday that the disciplinary commission takes a look at offenses of Short article 44 of the World Cup policies, further posts in the existing media and marketing rules and the group manual available to all 32 World Cup individuals.

You being in the car for almost 3 hours in overall, Flick discussed the choice against getting involved a player in journalism conference: And prior to such an important video game tomorrow. Initially, the DFB had actually proposed to merely move journalism conference to the German camp and the DFB media hotel in Al-Shabab best beside the training school. FIFA declined what Flick had already dissatisfied since the media center was actually good.

All World Cup individuals are required to ensure that a gamer from the world press also addressed questions in addition to the nationwide coach.

The background is the compulsory match day press conference before the so eminently important 2nd group game against Spain. None of his 26-member squad had actually taken a seat on the podium in Doha on the side of Hansi Flick. The national coach did not want the among his specialists to drive the approximately one-hour trip to the worldwide libraries in the capital. However, all World Cup individuals are obliged to ensure that a gamer from the world press also answered questions in addition to the nationwide coach.

The German team lives throughout the Winter World Cup in the far north of the nation, so it is around 100 kilometers to Doha. Too broad as Flick was. Not all participants in journalism conference before the Spain video game shared the opinion: Danish reporters shook their heads, incredible they discovered this behavior of the Germans, unusual the Spaniards called it.

As a possible effect, there is at first a caution or a fine for the DFB. The next press conference in the media center in Doha is currently on Wednesday, i.e. the day before the last and definitive group game against Costa Rica, nationwide coach Flick is anticipated in the capital of Qatar. With a player at his side? Time will inform.

Sander cracks the World Cup as 5th

In the success of the Swiss high-flyer Marco Zermatt, the 33-year-old German ranked fifth on Sunday. The Norwegian Aleksander Almost Wilde was second in front of Austria’s Olympic champ Matthias Mayer.

It was a run that had lots of attacking. All in all an excellent start to the Super G season, stated Sander. Simon Ocher (14th), Rome Baumann (17th), Josef First (27th) and returnee Thomas Green (31st) rounded off the satisfying overall outcome. Luis Vogt retired after a driving mistake.


A battle in between Zermatt and Wilde around the large crystal ball indicated early in winter season. Wilde had actually won the departure the day previously. Zermatt commemorated his 2nd win of the season on Sunday and expanded the lead in the total World Cup.

heavy fall overshadow races

The race was overshadowed by a serious fall of the Swiss Mauro Cavities.

A duel between Zermatt and Wilde around the big crystal ball showed early in winter season. Zermatt commemorated his second win of the season on Sunday and broadened the lead in the total World Cup.

The race was eclipsed by an extreme fall of the Swiss Mauro Cavities. The 34-year-old Speed expert knocked his head onto the icy slopes and crashed into the catch nets. Cavities was only able to get up again after around 10 minutes. A rescue helicopter transported the Swiss bleeding on the face.

The Super-G might have been the last race in Lake Louise. The organizers have actually long been battling with financial problems. The chances are low to return to Lake Louise in the future, said IS race director Markus Walker on the weekend.

Football World Cup | Scene ensures puzzles What was it behind Ronaldos grip in the trousers?

Or in the end something entirely various? The unusual grip of Portugal’s superstar Cristiano Ronaldo into his pants at the start of the World Cup versus Ghana has actually caused thinking rates and speculation in social networks and in Portuguese media.

A chewing gum, hypothesized the Portuguese newspaper Record on Friday to the video to reject this idea directly: unlikely. The sheet A Bola, on the other hand, was particular that the 37-year-old captain got an energy increase there.

From the 3: 2 against Ghana, videos and pictures were published that revealed how Ronaldo reached into his pants throughout the game, searched for something for seconds, pulled his distribute once again and put something in his mouth.

Referee professional: Ronaldo does not act violently

It would be various if the food had actually been packed. If someone takes a Tupper box with them on the field and suddenly starts having breakfast, it is naturally prohibited, Wagner continued.


The campaign was not violent, as the former referee and today’s expert Lutz Wagner said in the ARD. Obviously it looks uncommon, however no other gamer was endangered. That is why Ronaldo’s action is essentially allowed, stated the sman professional.

Ronaldo could likewise have kept a tablet in his pants. The Portuguese, who had actually scored the 1-0 versus Ghana and has actually now been the first gamer at five various world champions, did not discuss the much-discussed scene.

Basketball | BBL Telekom Baskets collect the first video game of season


Ludwigsburg (6-2) stays in the leading group. The hosts earned the success thanks to a strong 4th round (17:11).

The Telecom Baskets Bonn needed to take the first season of season in the Basketball Bundesliga.

The very best shooter at the giants was Prentice Hub with 24 points. TJ Shorts and Jeremy Morgan scored the very best for the Bonner’s with 21 points each.

The Rhinelander lost to the MHP giant Ludwigsburg with 80:84 (49:44) and lost the cause Alba Berlin (6-0) with a record of 6: 1. The master will contend at BG Göttingen on Sunday (3 p.m.).

MBC sends out signs of life

At the end of the table, the Syntactic MBC from Weißenfels commemorated the 2nd win of the season with the 96:83 (53:40) via Media Bayreuth. The club from Saxony-Anhalt surpassed the guests, who also have two successes in the account and are now penultimate.

The Hard Merlins Trailhead added the 3rd defeat to the Hamburg Towers with their 92:84 (53:33). Due to the 3rd success in the 8th game, the hosts have at least made the connection to the playoff ranks. The towers (4: 4), on the other hand, continue to slip after an excellent start.

Football World Cup 2022 in Qatar Ex-DFL boss believes in Boykott

The 1-2 defeat of the German nationwide team in the first World Cup game against Japan did not even attain a double-digit million lead to the ranking rate in the ARD.


Ex-DFL employer about the following of the World Cup boycott: This is the only tough currency.

All unfavorable negative effects on and beside the square mean that the TV quotas are so disastrous. This is the just hard currency, coupled with actions, such as the early end of the re-sponsorship, which can trigger a little, emphasized Rettig.

The long-standing Bundesliga manager supports the World Cup refusers in the Federal Republic: We are not alone in Germany with our rejection mindset. And it ends up that FIFA can not offer the fans for silly. Individuals show on what goes incorrect there.

The former DFL handling director Andreas Rettig sees an opportunity to set a signal from the World Cup in Qatar through low rankings.

No game of the 2022 FIFA World Cup? This television broadcaster broadcasts all 64 games live .

Rettig hopes that a rethink will take place in the long term. My dream is to make it difficult for the FIFA supervisors to make such an outrageous choice again in the future. They are generally about keeping power and coal, he said.

The enduring Bundesliga supervisor supports the World Cup refusers in the Federal Republic: We are not alone in Germany with our rejection attitude. Rettig hopes that a rethink will take place in the long term. My wish is to make it impossible for the FIFA supervisors to make such an insane decision once again in the future.

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The pressure-it might be so small-to vote on the remote control can make a distinction, the Express priced estimate the 59-year-old.

The DFB sponsor Room had solved his legal agreement with the German Football Association against the FIFA World Association in the One Love style too soon.

So far, the odds of the transmission public TV broadcaster ARD and ZDF have remained substantially behind the expectations.

World Cup 2022 DFB risks FIFA charge – Hansi Flick due to the fact that of the match day

Hansi Flick was separated from his group for a number of hours before the World Cup final versus Spain. The national coach is to take part in the main press center in Doha on Saturday alone in the mandatory media round (2:15 p.m. CET). To do this, Flick has to drive from the group quarters in northern Qatar to the capital. Read reviews

See World Cup live: All games of the World Cup in Qatar are available live at Magenta

He rushes back the same route to be back with his national gamers in Al-Shabab in time for the last training session (5.30 p.m. CET). The German Football Association (DFB) initially wished to hold the press conference in Al-Shabab. A corresponding advance was not heard at the FIFA World Association.


The DFB does not want to anticipate the DFB the long journey the day before the Allies or absolutely nothing game on Sunday (8:00 p.m. CET). The association for that reason risks a fine of FIFA. This prescribes the participation of a professional in the round.

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At the start of the 2nd half of the season Next once again with the SG Wattenscheid

nullsechs.tv prior to the away video game

Wattenscheid has actually achieved excellent results in the last 5 games, warns Sasha Hillman. Wattenscheid drove in the time window 10 out of possible 15 points, and Fortuna Düsseldorf (3: 2), 1. This guarantees new hope for the climber in the relegation camp: prior to the last five games, they were still the bottom of the table with ten points behind the conserving bank, they have now climbed up a place and have actually minimized the space to four points.

For the team. You have to bring 100 percent to get into the team. I have stated that many times: The group has an outstanding character!

Load video

With the 3-1 away win on Wednesday evening at Schalke 04, the eagle users made up for the duel from match day 10 and successfully completed all 17 very first round games. True to the directing concept: believe from game to game. This credo has to heart again after the effective games at RAW Allen and Schalke at the third away video game of the week, on Saturday (2 p.m.) at SG Wattenscheid 09.

The Prussians themselves want to perfectly round off their English week at the Lohrheide. However, unlike Wednesday, it is anticipated to fulfill a deep opponent on Wednesday. I think you will be proficient at very first and rely on your swell moments. We wish to play our football, states the football instructor with a view of the approaching game. But a question mark is still behind using Andrew Wooten, the coach gave insights into journalism conference. Quickly after the break, Wooden left the place with slight muscular complaints, and he trained individually on Friday. His storm partner, on the other hand, will definitely be on the pitch on Saturday: Gerrit [Revamp, a.d. R] has a very good run. I’m totally pleased for him. It assists him to have a 2nd male beside him. He now likewise has a great portion of self-confidence-he can do that really, quite, says Hillman, applauding the enemy.

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With the 3-1 away win on Wednesday evening at Schalke 04, the eagle users made up for the battle from match day 10 and successfully finished all 17 first round video games. We require the required tension before each video game, so we have to conceal the table. True to the assisting principle: believe from video game to video game. This credo has to heart again after the successful games at RAW Allen and Schalke at the third away game of the week, on Saturday (2 p.m.) at SG Wattenscheid 09.


Wattenscheid has actually attained excellent outcomes in the last 5 games, cautions Sasha Hillman.

Qatar vs. Senegal Group video game at the 2022 World Cup today in the live ticker


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Magenta TV today shows the game between Qatar and Senegal at the World Cup 2022. Markus Honer acts as the analyst of the group game for Magenta TV today. In the Magenta TV app and with your laptop computer in the web browser you can see the live stream of the Pay TV station

Qatar vs. Senegal: Group game at the 2022 World Cup today live on TV and livestream

WM hosts Qatar today receives the Senegal for the second group game at the World Cup. Before the start: In Group A, 2 groups meet today who had to take a 0-2 defeat on the very first group video game day. Host Qatar lost the World Cup versus Ecuador. Live and in complete length see the World Cup group video game between Qatar and Senegal today in the ARD. Magenta TV today shows the game in between Qatar and Senegal at the World Cup 2022

Before the start: hey there and welcome to the live ticker of the World Cup encounter in between Qatar and the Senegal

Qatar vs. Senegal: Group video game at the 2022 World Cup today in the live ticker

  • Qatar: Al-Sheeb-Al-Rawi, Khoikhoi, Abdelhalim Hassan-Pedro Corral, Ahmed-Boudiaf, All-hands, Abdulaziz Hatem-Afif, Almost Ali
  • Senegal: E. Mendy-Sabaly, Koulibaly, Close, Jakobson. Guam, N. Wendy, I. Gueye-Diatta, Did, I. Carr

In Group A, World Cup hosts are playing against Senegal today. The group game at the 2022 World Cup is pursuing SPOT for you in the live ticker

Qatar vs. Senegal: Group game at the 2022 World Cup today in the LiveTicker-before start

Qatar vs. Senegal: Group game at the 2022 World Cup today in the live ticker

Square Land Games S U N Tore Diff. Points
1. Netherlands 1 1 0 0 2: 0 +2 3
2. Ecuador 1 1 0 0 2: 0 +2 3
3. Senegal 1 0 0 1 0: 2 -2 0
4. Qatar 1 0 0 1 0: 2 -2 0

Before the start: The video game in Group A is kicked off today at 2 p.m

Live and completely length see the World Cup group video game between Qatar and Senegal today in the ARD. Herd Gottlieb remarks on the video game in the. The public service broadcaster also moves the encounter in the totally free livestream in the ARD media library and on Sportschau.de

Prior to the start: In Group A, two teams fulfill today who had to take a 0-2 defeat on the very first group game day. Host Qatar lost the World Cup versus Ecuador. Senegal was a heavy obstacle for the Netherlands, only with 2 really late objectives the Senegal needed to quit. Which country is the very first points at the World Cup?

WM hosts Qatar today gets the Senegal for the 2nd group video game at the World Cup. What responses do the two groups show after their beats on match day 1? You can discover out here in the Live ticker from SPOT

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Here you can find more info and uses for FIFA WM 2022 at Magenta TV

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