One more week, Rockstar Games presents the novelties of GTA online , the popular multiplayer mode of GTA V, this time with the Halloween event arriving at its climax next to the new vehicle BF Weevil Personalized in Benny’s and many more rewards in the most chilling and frantic events. Get ready to live situations of the most surreal and disturbing. You will have to be very aware of your surroundings, since a new-famous new-family enemy will be stalking in the streets of Los Santos.

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Get your own weevils with flame and threatening stickers skewers on the ceiling. Protect yourself from the spooky horrors of this Halloween seon with a personalized bf weevil , now available in Benny’s original engine works. On the other hand, you can get the death mk , famous on the day of the trial, just to play this online this week.

Watch the cars without driver and the characters that stalk citizens; Be careful with your Killer clone ! Let us now review the extra rewards in game modes such the Halloween bunker series , condemned , Come play and Lost vs. Damned , all with double GTA $ and RP. In addition, it completes a round of condemned to get the orange and gray technological demon mk , delivered within 72 hours after logging on November 8.

More gifts: Complete any Sales mission This week to receive the Halloween parachute backpack . Get to deliver merchandise in a commercial battle to obtain the pale vintage mummy mk or the green vintage mk . And this week the PS5 and Xbox Series X | S players will have access to the Premium test vehicle Wehrmacht Sentinel XS and the HSW countertenor.

Double rewards also arrive in games of alien survival , murderer and bet against murderer . The War Arena series also reward their players with double GTA $ and RP. Let us now move on to vehicles; Stop for Luxury cars to see in person the Grotto Vision (30% discount) and Wehrmacht revolver before buying them. On the other hand, at the Luxury Automobile Premium concessionaire you will find:

  • A clsic black Albany Lurched with the tomb of the hanged (50% discount).
  • A Lambada SIALLE Orange Clsic Chillán (30% discount).
  • A BF Weevil Blue Clsic port with the Evil Weevil cover and that you can improve in Benny’s Original Motor Works (40% discount).
  • An LCC Sanctum in black pearly with the blue flame cover (40% discount).
  • A Dark 3000 silver with the total fire cover.

Visit the lobby of The Diamond Cino & Resort to admire the imposing vehicle of this week’s podium: a Albany Frankel Stage Personalized with the calling death cover. Try luck at the Roulette de la Fortuna to try to take it. Now, he wins a Car Meet race five days in a row to take the Coeval Taiwan , a car worthy of any winner. Finally, take advantage of the test track, which now offers free tours at the Vapid Blade (50% discount), Coil Maiden (30% discount) and Ocelot Penetrator (40 (40 % off).

The advantages for this month GTA+ members include:

  • Benefactor Terabyte
  • Improvements in lighting and storage of merchandise of nightclubs
  • Double GTA $ and RP in Terabyte customer jobs, triple the production speed of the nightclub warehouse and double supplies in commercial battles
  • Free Halloween Articles
  • Additional bonuses for members


Get a 50% reduction in an sortment of weapons and WAR sand properties : Workshops and their modifications and improvements, armor for vehicles, weapons and bodybuilding (such blades, skewers and antivuelco cages). There is also a selection of War sand clothing with a discount, which includes 30% in the following sets: Bodies, Space Creatures costumes, Space Cyclops, Space horror costumes, retro space costumes, tronaut costumes, space travelers and characters. In addition, it enjoys a 40% discount on WAR sand vehicles and a 50% discount on MANI technology improvements . Also:

  • Vapid Blade: 50% discount
  • Western Gargoyle: 50% discount
  • BF Weevil: 40% discount
  • Ocelot Penetrator: 40% discount
  • Grotto Vision: 30% discount
  • COIL MAIDEN: 30% discount
  • Obey Image: 30% discount
  • Lambada SIALLE: 30% discount

Prime Gaming Advantages

The online GTA players who link their accounts of the Social Club of Rockstar Games and Prime Gaming will receive 125,000 GTA $ Only for playing at any time this week.