For just over three decades, all computers that have Windows as an operating system have included an essential tool, and that is Microsoft Office , a group of programs that serve for different tasks. And now, it is confirmed that nothing is to come to an end, but we must not be alarmed, since it is only a change of name to the product.


According to what he mentions on the official page of Office , the product that encompasses Word , Excel , PowerPoint , Outlook and more essential tools of computer science, now it will be called Microsoft 365 . Opening a section of frequent questions and answers for users, on all who retain versions for life of these programs.

It hurts to comment, that nothing will change quite overwhelmingly, only since November the brand will begin to be handled with the new name and that would be everything. The updates will continue to arrive constantly, so there should be no complaint, yes, nostalgia could invade the company’s followers.

On the other hand, in 2023 they will be native applications for operating systems Windows 10 and 11 , this will also affect mobile versions both in iOS and Android , changing the logo in the different updates. All this means that things will continue as now, no payment plan will be changed, at least that indicates the company.