The purchase of Blizzard Activision by Microsoft is currently in a cruise phase where several regulatory markets around the world are approval of the acquisition; They have even created a website that explains all the benefits on this agreement. Brazil It became a few days ago in the second government regulator in to approve the acquisition after the United Kingdom market and competence authority established a deadline of March 2023 for its decision… but Now comes the most important.

Currently, the European Union is carrying out its own research , with which, according to the reports, Jim Ryan de PlayStation recently met with them and which in turn is carrying out other similar investigations. As reported by Reuters, the EU antitrust regulators have begun to send surveys to different companies, developers and video game studies throughout the old continent to know their opinion about this agreement.

The European Union has the last word

It is said that the survey contains around 100 questions related to the acquisition of blizzard Activision by Microsoft, which will help the antitrust regulators of the European Union to make a preliminary decision next month. This is how great directives will decide the future of Overwatch and World of Warcraft parents, among others.

This test covers a series of topics related to the agreement , such as if Microsoft would obtain an advantage in the development and publication of video games by using the activation user data, or if the PC platform would obtain an advantage over competition by making the Blizzard Activision games exclusive.

In addition, the survey asks that if Microsoft would make the Blizzard Activision games exclusive for their Xbox platform, there would be alternatives to compete against it , which as expected, also wants to know how important the subscription services give it To the Call of Duty franchise, one of the most money has granted to Sony.

Survey companies have until October 10 to respond , so that eu regulators can make a preliminary decision on November 8 . The decision will be to decide whether the regulators will approve the agreement or not, but the EU is expected to follow the United Kingdom at the launch of a second phase of investigations to ensure that all this agreement does not hinder the free market established by international governments.