At present, a common practice between couples or relatives is to share intimate photos, as long as people have a consensus that the material is being shared only between them. However, it usually happens that some take advantage of that to make blackmail and consequently, share the material publicly in the networks.


Given this, countries have approved a law known as Olympia , which penalizes the person who shared the images on the Internet, this after the struggle that was made to make it effective in regions such as Mexico. And if you were a victim of this type of crime, here we tell you the steps to follow to carry out the complaint and that the person in charge is arrested.

1.-LEGAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL SUPPORT : First, it is necessary to look for lawyers who know about the subject, since they are going to guide you with the steps to follow if a demand is going to be made.

** 2. And then bring such evidence to the Prosecutor’s Office of Sexual Crimes.

** 3. This in order to detect the material and eliminate it from the servers, can also access the guilty information to find it more easily.

4.-Use online resources : There are some platforms that help place watermarks in the different photographs, so when the person shares the material can be detected immediately. Since duplicate copies have an identifier that identifies instantly.

Those would be the steps basically, but it is much more recommended not to share any material with this nature, this to avoid issues that can end in a cyber controversy.