In the past, it was the classy limousines that shaped the image of Mercedes. Today is an SUV of the bestsellers. In the previous two years, claimed sales board member Britt Seeger, the GLC was the very popular Mercedes version and also among the most important automobiles in our product profile.

The new edition of the Midsize SUV schedules. It is the second generation that progresses from fall, one additionally consists of the GLK offered in 2008 right into the origins’ collection, even the third.

platform of the C-Class

Already said GLK had been created on the platform of the Mercedes C-Class, its appearance-cantile and also idiosyncratic proportionate-through not without controversy. In 2015, the GLC, whose extra vibrant appearance is likewise retained, was maintained, but this was retained in even more contemporary modeling, including with a new front and also all sort of chrome ornamental council, the last is due to the now common progressive either. Wide lane, underside protection ( non-functional, as it indicates, plain jewelry) as well as roof covering rails highlight the SUV character, which is legitimate, as well as all variants with all-wheel drive. Nevertheless, the brand-new GLC exceeds its precursor by six size centimeters, elevation and size continue to be the same. The air resistance coefficient (CW) sinks to 0.29, not bad for an SUV and also an appealing dimension in terms of gas usage.

avant-garde level as criterion

The upgrade of the fundamental design to avant-garde level likewise implies that 2 tablet-like screens are in charge of the electronic understandings, a screen takes over the function of the motorist display, the other, a good 30 centimeters slightly driver-oriented and tall, opens eviction to the outstanding MBux-Infotainment. The displays mean the techno id component of the interior, the rest is luxurious solidity at its finest, as anticipated, the feathered control panel, for instance, or the open-serving wooden veneer, which is gone across by Intersil from lightweight aluminum.

GLC cockpit: With two screens in tablet design upright, as it were. Manufacturer

3 of the six centimeters of size growth are on the rear overhang, which in turn benefits the travel luggage area, which records 70 liters much more than previously as well as thus brings it to a quantity of 620 liters.

There are four light crossbreeds with 48-volt innovation and also a 17 kW/23-hp electrical motor, which is installed in the form of an incorporated starter generator and on the one hand supports the burning engine in the reduced speed array, however on the other hand likewise cost savings features such as driveless sailing, Boost or recover (power recovery). The Guard of the Otto Mild hybrids consist of the GLC 200 (150 kW/204 hp) and also the GLC 300 (190 kW/258 hp), the diesel intrigue is made use of by GLC 220d (145 kW/197 hp) as well as GLC 300d (198 KW/269 PS).

After 6 or also eight-cylinders, the consumer searches the engine program fruitless. Just two-liter four-cylinder fuel engines and diesel that most likely to function are all amazed, but to various levels.

as much as 130 kilometers of e-range

There is a great deal of technology in it: optionally there is additionally the GLC with rear wheel guiding and air spring suspension. Manufacturer

At the end of the year, 3 plug-in hybrids complied with, which invalidate bookings regarding the genus insofar as they supply abnormally high arrays from model-dependent 112 to 130 kilometers. Behind it is a battery with 31.2 kWh small capability, it feeds a 100 kW/136 hp electric motor, which consequently creates an electrical torque of 440 Newton meters. In the GLC-Phev there is really practically a full-fledged electrical auto one Mazda MX-30 with 35.5 kWh and also (in practice to uncertainty) 200 kilometers not so a lot even more to use.

The truth that the GLC always obtains the 4MATIC four-wheel drive has actually currently been stated, a 9 g automated switching does the changing work, for around 3320 euros surcharge (modern technology plan, likewise including air suspension and also degree law), a rear axle steering makes certain far better ability to move by Wanderers decreased by 90 centimeters to 10.9 meters.

As well as there is one more unique function: In addition to GLC 300E (system performance 230 kW/313 hp) and GLC 400E (280 kW/381 hp), the 245 kW/335 hp TLC 300de can be among the rare diesel plug-in crossbreeds are bought that only exist from Mercedes. Not uses among part-time streams is the optional DC quick charging capacity, especially with 60 kW. Air conditioning from the Mailbox obtain the GLC fees as well as with the aid of an 11-kW battery charger.

team food selection as well as clear hood

As well as additionally takes this details right into account with the path preparation ETT, by avoiding as well tiny passage and elevations will. The plug-in crossbreed in particular also benefits e-competence. The totally electrical surface is not only suggested because of the local discharge flexibility, yet likewise because the full torque typically gives away from the area, this makes it feasible to dose the pressures as fine as it is accurate as well as hence controlled.

large price dive

When he comes: can already be ordered.

In the past 2 years, said sales board member Britt Seeger, the GLC was the best-selling Mercedes model and one of the most essential vehicles in our item profile.

_ UCLA Elmer _.

What it sets you back: from 57,632 euros.

Mercedes GLC quickly: .

What drives him: Two-liter four-cylinder fuel engine with 150 kW/204 hp as well as 190 kW/258 hp, two-liter four-cylinder diesel with 145 kW/197 hp and also 198 kW/269 hp. Gasoline plug-in hybrid with 230 kW/313 hp as well as 280 kW/381 hp, diesel plug-in crossbreed with 245 kW/335 hp.

What else follows: AMG variations, nearly certainly another GLC Coupé.

In 2015, the GLC, whose more lively appearance is likewise maintained, was kept, however this was kept in more contemporary modeling, including with a new front as well as all kinds of chrome attractive council, the last is due to the currently standard avant-garde either. The brand-new GLC exceeds its predecessor by 6 length centimeters, height and also size stay the same. And also there is an additional unique function: In enhancement to GLC 300E (system efficiency 230 kW/313 hp) and also GLC 400E (280 kW/381 hp), the 245 kW/335 hp TLC 300de can be one of the unusual diesel plug-in crossbreeds are bought that just exist from Mercedes. For Mercedes ratios, the new GLC has an uncommon amount from the manufacturing facility: the MBUX navigation Premium with the huge displays, for example, smart device assimilation with inductive charging feature, seat home heating as well as electrical tailgate.

For Mercedes proportions, the brand-new GLC has an unusual amount from the factory: the MBUX navigation Premium with the large displays, for instance, smart device combination with inductive charging function, seat home heating and also electric tailgate. This likewise goes hand in hand with an excellent price dive: much less than 57,632 euros can be done with the GLC.

That he is targeting: BMW X3, Audi Q5, Volvo XC60, Jaguar F-Pace.