343 Industries announces Season 3 and Winter Update roadmaps in Halo Infinite , and reveals that the beta version of Forge and Campaign CO-OP will be implemented in November. Did.

Forge is a mode that allows you to customize the map freely, and initially an open beta was scheduled in September 2. In Winter Update, which will be implemented from November 8 of local time, we plan to implement two new maps along with this mode.

In addition, the implementation of the local CO-OP to be performed in the planned screen split has been discontinued for the Campaign Co-OP, which was scheduled to implement the latter half of August and performed beta testing. The company stated at an overseas media IGN that it has redistributed the studio resources and stopped developing local CO-OPs in order to improve the ongoing live service and respond to the feedback from players. 。

Season 3, which is scheduled to start in March next year, will add new maps and weapons. The player report function in the game that has been required since the beta version is also implemented.

Halo Infinite is being distributed to Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One/PC (Steam, Microsoft Store). It also supports Xbox/PC Game Pass.