The disc variation of the PlayStation 5 console has lost weight a tremendous 300 grams as well as now weighs 3.9 kilos. In general, this is already a weight reduction of 600 grams. When the intro in November 2020, the PS5 disc edition now weighs the exact same weight as the PS5 electronic version.

Therefore, the digital PS5 has actually reduced around 200 grams and also now weighs 3.4 kilograms. At the very least that’s 500 grams much less than the launch.

As one of the very first nations, Australia has again received the brand-new modifications of the two PlayStation 5 gaming consoles. The CFI-12202B-and CFI-12202A models have arrived in Australia as well as evaluate substantially less weight.

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The current time is still unknown which adjustments were made to the brand-new modifications of the PS5 gaming consoles. However, it can be presumed that various components have actually been exchanged space-saving and also the weight can hence be lowered in order to conserve distribution, storage as well as manufacturing costs. The heat sink was currently changed throughout the very first modification.

In the end, a difference of as much as 600 grams is considerable compared to the launch edition and also would have to be recognizable inside. All the same, it shouldn’t be long before the very first Teardown video clips will certainly disclose the exact distinctions.