The first free title update is also distributed, and the hunting action for Nintendo Switch/PC (Steam) is increasingly exciting, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbrake. The deep hunting days, such as additional monsters and puppet studies of Master Ranks that appear one after another, are likely to continue.

Under such circumstances, hunters are worried that I want to develop different weapons soon. How about the insect club here?

Among the many weapon types, the user has the impression that the layer is relatively thin (only the author’s subjectivity) is an insect club. It is one of the weapons that have a particularly large additional element in the upgrade of Sunbreak, but many people are interested in their reputation. So, this time, we will approach a part of its charm that has become easier to use and flashy.

◆ New replacement technique Insectors

Master Rank ★ A replacement technique of new weapons that can be newly acquired with the training quest that can be ordered as the quest progresses as the quest is progressing. In the insecticide club, insecticular slash has been added. This is a dynamic technique that launches a simultaneous attack between the insecticide club itself and the hunting insect, and can be set by replacing it with a jump rush slash.


When the attack is hit, depending on the status of the extract, the extract of the hit site is collected, and the dancing jumping diagonally behind the target is derived. It is possible to connect the combo as it is.

In addition, the assault direction can be adjusted with the aim of the ZR button, and it plays a role in the endless standing around. However, if you aim, the stamina gauge consumption is set intensely, so you need to pay attention to the evasion movements afterwards. If it is used as a main attack, stamina measures are essential. If you make good use of the aim, you can also operate the weaknesses with pinpoints, so it has good compatibility with skills such as darkness and weakness special effects.

In addition, the stimulus attack is also effective for haste-type charger tacks. Continuous attacks can be activated at the same time, so you can add damage sources. If it is a cutting-type hooler, it is also grateful to countermeasures for monsters that are difficult to destroy the tail.

◆ New Iron Bug Own Skills Snow Best Strike, Hunting Glide

Master Rank ★ A new iron insect thread that can be learned as the quest progresses. In the insecticide club, it is possible to use two new techniques, Snowsheet and Hunting Glide.

A rude technique that can be set by replacing a regression insect & descent dragon is a rough technique of hitting enhanced hunting insects with all the learned extracts. The consumption is one of the shots, and the damage that ignores the flesh of the hit part is taken, and it can be derived into dancing leap. As usual, it is possible to aim by simultaneous input of the ZR button.

In this technique, the maximum number of attacks changes depending on the type of hunting insect and the amount of consumption extract. You can assemble your own combo with various combinations.

On the other hand, the hunting glide is an iron insect thread that can be used in replacement with a leap in an insect. This is a technique like a hunting version of Shashoke, and the hunter approaches suddenly by connecting an insect thread to the flying insect. A small jump occurs after moving.

Insect gliding, even if you receive an attack, the action will not interrupt until the movement is completed (damage is ants, so-called hyper armor), you can also take a tactic such as forcing into the rampaging monster.

This is also possible to aim with the ZR button, but if the hunting insects are flying, glide there. If you do not enter anything, you will have a priority, such as flying in the direction of the seal.

◆ Ease of convenience and the width of the role

The insecticide of the replacement technique is also abundant, and it can be said that it is an excellent technique that can be used in the main tactics to enable insect clubs in various phases.

In addition, the insect shooting is an additional iron insect technique for the insecticide club, which was the biggest technique. In particular, when used in cutting insects, the cut-off attack of meat quality can be aimed at many times from a long distance, which makes the role of partial destruction more enjoyable.

In addition, new bonus techniques have been added to the newly purchased hunting insects that can be purchased in Sambreak. In particular, the dust collection, which has become a big topic during the trial version distribution, has been much more useful for insecticide clubs, as it can easily hit large damage that was not considered before. 。 Hunters who have never used an insect club until now will take this opportunity and take what they like?

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunblake is on sale for Nintendo Switch/PC (Steam).