While the battle in Soul Hackers 2 is conducted by your main characters, they use the power of demons to untie their attacks. Different demons have a wide variety of attacking and protective abilities that you can choose and use in accordance with your game style. So, how to get more demons in Soul Hackers 2?

Soul Hackers 2: Get more demons

There are several ways to get more demons in Soul Hackers 2. The first way you encounter this is through Demon Recon. . When you enter the dungeon, your current demons will look for you ahead. When you find them scattered on the map, you can interact with them to treat and receive objects, but they can also introduce you to the new demon. If so, you can conclude a contract with them by usually spending yen or items so that they join your team. However, be careful. If the ringo level is too low or you have too many demons, they may refuse to travel with you.

As soon as you have several demons and you get to the region of the city of ROPPO, you can visit Cirque du Gumaden. In Crique du Gumaden, you can get demons more interestingly- by firing those that you have in new demons . This process, the merger of demons, is that you unite two (or even three later in the game) demons together to make one of them more powerful. You choose skills that the new demon receives from the previous ones, which allows you to create demons that perfectly correspond to your style. However, this has its own price. The call of demons can cost quite a lot of yen. But the results can change the rules of the game.

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