BEHAVIOR INTERACTIVE announced on August 4 at the company’s first event BEHAVIOUR BEYOND, the open world puzzle game Project S . The compatible platform is a PC (Steam) and is scheduled to be released in 2023.

PROJECT S is a title produced in a collaboration with Lunarch Studios, a Canada-based Toronto, as well as Canada-based BEHAVIOR INTERACTIVE. The stage is the floating island floating on the clouds. The player aims to unravel the mystery hidden on the island, unraveling the hidden puzzles in various places with their friends. Regarding cooperation with friends, large-scale multiplayer is also available.

The stage is lined with stone buildings reminiscent of the Greek Zeus temple, while the buildings of the Greek Temple are lined up in various places, such as Chinese temples and Japanese Buddhist architecture. Each building with different cultures is on the shoulders, and the whole island has a unique atmosphere. In the trailer, the player spreads the large wings on his back, and there are also scenes where the sky flies high like Ecaros appearing in Greek mythology. The landscape of the island overlooking from the height is the beauty of a palace floating in the paradise treasure pond. A place where you are worried about what kind of puzzle will be developed on such a floating island.

Elyot Grant, CEO and creative director of Lunarch Studios, commented on PROJECT S, a work that creates an open world from a new perspective. He said he was looking forward to the opportunity to share further reports with you in the future, even though the details could not be announced yet.

Project S will be released in 2023. The compatible platform is PC (Steam). Project S is not an official name but a code name.