BEHAVIOR INTERACTIVE announced on August 4 at the BEHAVIOUR BEYOND event commemorating the 30th anniversary of its founding, Flippin Misfits . The release is September 2022, and the platform is planned for a PC (Steam).

FLIPPIN MISFITS is a party action game that fights with two or four players. The stage is a spaceship at the end of the world. In this underground atmosphere, protruding people were fighting in danger with rough weapons. The player plays with other players as a member of such a protruding person.

A major feature of this work is a function called gravity swapping. This seems to be a skill that can turn gravity in the specified direction, and it is possible to run around every aspect of 360 degrees in the field while jumping on walls and ceilings. Also, it is necessary to be careful because the attack from the enemy may be set up from any direction.

Players use weapons such as Western swords and scythnia, and cut them intensely with other players. Depending on the means of attack, it seems that one shot may be knocked out. It is necessary to deal with attacks from various fields, and intelligence and reflexes will be key to winning.

Jean-PHILIPPE LABERGE, the lead designer of this work, commented on the sound of this work. He said he mixed the underground clubhouse vibe in a science fiction atmosphere to create a unique and colorful sound. Combined with the unusual graffiti and neon colors that stand out, it seems that you can enjoy a high-tension battle where you are not sure, but you are not sure.

FLIPPIN MISFITS will be distributed to PC (Steam) in September. If you’re looking for a party game that you can easily enjoy with your friends, why not check out this work?