For those who wanted more content with the Sunbreak expansion in Monster Hunter Rise, rejoice! This expansion has added dozens of hours of content, and that’s just with key quests. While it is not necessary to defeat them all in order to progress and complete the story, players will be able to handle most of them.

MHR Sunbreak Key Quest List

MP 1

  • It could be worse…
  • Red rolling terror
  • Barrot off to a great start
  • BRRRR Plus ZZZzz equal?
  • Sinking feeling
  • Ned hunter, ASAP!
  • You had me in Poofy
  • Shattered cat dream

MP 2

  • Rumble in the jungle
  • Hidden disappointments
  • Confusing situation

  • Temple destroyed
  • This is what I call great!
  • Queen’s Garden
  • Alabaster Devourer
  • Somnakant for sleep
  • Poisonous drops on the sand
  • Jamboree Bird Wyvern

MP 3


  • Shadow in the jungle
  • Nest of sand spiders
  • Purification of hate
  • Tale of two titans
  • Stone, Razor, Pincers
  • Trial of Almudrone
  • My ceanataur is crying tenderly
  • White knight on ice
  • Oh my Garsh Kharag
  • Night troubles

MP 4

  • Dark Wings, Dark Work
  • Absolute strength
  • Great need
  • Spooky Citadel!?
  • Blasphemous Thunderwolf
  • A thousand scales of terror
  • hot mud in your eyes
  • White Knight, Armored Warrior
  • Summon Mizutsune
  • Dust Devil Despot
  • King of the crumbling castle
  • Ticks vs Pyro

MP 5

  • Leave no trace
  • Settle account!
    *Baselgeuse Warning
  • Evil Forest
  • A blade shrouded in darkness

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