Large bones of herbivores are trophies in the game Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, which can only be found in quests and expeditions at the master level. They can be obtained by cutting out three small monsters: goncosta, rennolos and lump. A surge can occur in different areas, which will significantly accelerate the farm during the expedition. Here’s how you can get large bones of herbivores at Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

of which small monsters large bones of herbivores fall out

Master Rang Kozel , renlos and also slagtot everyone has a chance to reward players Large bones of herbivores Each time they cut out one of the small monsters. The chances are different for each monster and players who have a percussion pen can cut four times . This is unlocked by completing all the first six quests in the arena with each weapon. Dango Skill ofRose Dango can also be used to increase the number of materials obtained by thread. This is unlocked by completing Quest Seven Star Hub, a drained situation *.

How to farm Renlos in MHR

Renlos spaces in both sandy plains and lava caves . Players can often get Upsurge of Rhenoplos on sandy plains, which greatly simplifies the farm.

Renlos in sandy plains

Renopre can be found in areas 1, 3, 6, 8 as well as 10 cards in sandy plains.

Renlos in Law Caves

Renopre can be found in areas 4 as well as 5 cards in lava caves.

Materials Rhenoplos Higher rank

Renlos shell *- 35%
Renlos scalp 20%
Big bone of herbivore 20%
* raw meat-25%

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How to farm Slagtoth in mhr

barrier may appear in flooded forest as well as lava caves .


lump in lava caves

The barrier can appear in areas 1 as well as 2 lava caves.

slagtot in a flooded forest

The barrier can appear in areas 1, 2, 4, as well as 5 flooded forest.

Materials of the barrier Master of the rank

slag oil-35%*
Big bone of herbivore -20%
* raw meat-15%

How to farm Gowngoat in mhr

Goat can only be found in citadel in areas 1 and also 2 .

Materials Gowngoat Master Rank

thick goat fur-42%*
Bone of a large herbivore-28%
Fleas lump of goat-20%
* raw meat-10%

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