The chopped old bone can be found in Bonepiles in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. They can be found on the map of the citadel and it is best to farm during expeditions during the surge of bone blocks. Players collecting these materials can use some skills to get more materials every time they interact with the point of collecting bone breasts. Here’s how to get Chiped Oldbone at MHR: Sunbreak.

How to farm Chiped Oldbone in MHR: Sunbreak


Players will be able to farm chopped old bone in citadel . Players will gain access to the map after the completion of MP3 quest guarantor has been crazy and can freely go on expeditions after. Looking for bursts frombone piles will be the best way to get more materials every time the player interacts with the collection point. These bone piles can also be marked with sniff them * Palamut ability.

skills and jewelry for the farm

Geologist skill in 1 level -this is all that players are required to collect an additional item in bonePiles. If the players do not have a jewelry for him, they can also forge leather headdress X , leather gloves x or leather pants X for equipment equipment.

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raisins d’Etr Dango will reduce the time required to revive the collection points. Thus, players can focus on the citadel to harvest from bone piles and, possibly, return to their bone piles when they are survived. This reduces the time of appearance from about four to five minutes to about three minutes.

Why are Chiped Oldbone used

Chipped old bones are necessary for forging bloody helmet as well as Lunagaron coil as well as several types of weapons.


Blood helmet *-headdress of Magal General
Lunagaron reel *-Lunagaron reel


RO vaga+*-paired blades of the Evcantic tree
Vivern Zubastik -Big Sword of Bone Wood
Crown of the defender -Sword and shield of the Bishate tree
Durman Splitter *-Sword and shield of wood Pukei Pukei
Barong Kutot -A sword and a shield made of bone wood
Violet October -heavy onion Renlos tree
Injector gun+*-heavy gun from the Wesopoid tree
Rifle spear Gargantua -Rifle spear of bone wood
Costolom curtain -charging blade made of bone wood
Dracila River *-charging blade of dragon wood
Sound onions+*-onions

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