Electronic Arts (EA) Official Twitter account posted tweets that ridicule the gamers’ preferences. The number of users is flooded in a blink of an eye.

EA is an American game company. There are many popular works that have a large number of studios and work on publishing. In addition to the APEX LEGENDS and Battlefield series, the EA SPORTS brand is also familiar. In recent years, in recent years, the company’s works have been often overlooked.

An example is the multi-play action RPG ANTHEM, which has been released immediately after the release, and has announced a major renovation, but has canceled the plan. In addition, there are examples such as Battlefield 2042, which is now aiming for improvement by updating due to the large number of bugs and performance issues. The EA is a major company, but users are concerned about recent works of the company. And on July 1st, I posted a tweet with an EA official Twitter account. You will receive a grand tsukkomi from all gamers.

The tweet thrown by the EA is, They are perfect, but they only play games for one player…. Apparently, players who like games for one-player have complaints. If you know the background of this post, you can see the intention even better. This is because the EA tweet has recently piggybacked on the trendy internet.

The net memory is a template that says, He/she is perfect (10 points), but only XX…, mainly on overseas Tiktok and Twitter. As a basic form, it is a play that imagines the ideal lover image, etc., and adds a scratches on balls that can be canceled. In other words, EA’s post clearly reports that only the game for one person is a great attraction deduction point as a person. Despite being on the Internetmome, it would be inappropriate for game companies’ official SNS.

Many English-speaking users responded to the sudden emission of a major game company official account. The reaction is various, such as angry, stunned, and sarcastic. Most of the opinions are critical of EA’s remarks. And, let alone users, even journalists, popular YouTuber, colleagues, and even the EA-umbrella studio developers, who are finally relatives. From the outside and from the inside, it is a burning state of tsukkomi and criticism.

An example of Tsukkomi for the EA is a pattern of giving ANTHEM and Battlefield 2042, which have a low reputation. As an example, there is a tweet that lined up such a low-rating score of such works and asks, If there is only such a multiplayer game, what can I play? In the EA umbrella studio, new work for one-player play, such as STAR WARS JEDI: SURVIVOR and DEAD SPACE remake, is currently being developed. For this reason, some people put a tsukkomi in the EA’s words that deny the player while selling a game for one player. The EA has been ridiculed to expect customers as the reliability has dropped in the release of a low-rated multiplayer title.

As a celebrity’s response to EA remarks, the popular YouTuber Jacksepticeye was ironic and chikuri with the EA remark, saying, There is a place where such tweets are good…. Journalist Paul Tassi, a journalist contributed to the US Business Magazine, also received a criticism of the EA. Game publisher Annapurna Interactive commented, I should have stopped by draft. In addition, ironic comments have been received from famous streakers. The EA seemed to be a tweet just one tweet, making all the gamers amazed.

To the ultimate, VINCE ZAMPELLA, who led Respown Entertainment, has responded to the EA remark. Speaking of Respawn Entertainment, the EA Group’s earnings are currently developing the most popular work Apex Legends under the EA and is currently developing STAR WARS JEDI: Survivor. And ZAMPELLA is the one who leads the earnings. He does not talk a lot, and only sends his face with his hands to the EA tweet. It seems that even the words released from the parent company did not even say the words.

EA has tweeted that can’t be excluded after the one-player play. He said that he would take the criticism and said, People who play games for one player are more than perfect (11 points). However, it seems that it was broken down with slang and abbreviations, and I could not see sincerity. There are many voices on this tweet that just poured the fire on the fire. It was hard to accept both apologies and excuses, and it seemed that the remarks that would be roughly gamer were welcomed.

The official Twitter account of EA, which receives intensive gunfire from all directions due to sudden inappropriate remarks. But anyway, why the EA suddenly tried to dispel a gamer who liked a single play title. Is there a personal prejudice of SNS staff, piggybacking to the netmam, or a further circumstances? The mystery is only deepening.