Very recently, the teams that will go to participate in the world finals of Pokémon Unite, event that will take place soon in the city of London, England . One of those teams is Mexican, Mamitas Club, who are currently in trouble due to their official name to represent the region.

This nickname is considered as a joke as among its same founders, since it represents a site that is only for adults, something that can be interpreted in different ways. In addition, Mamita In other places it can be considered as an insult to the female sex, this did not go unnoticed by The Pokémon Company , who now contacted the group.

The representatives of the group confirmed having received messages at the Discord Officer of Pokémon Unite, this by some of the leaders of the tournament that took place soon. Informing that their name should change yes or yes, this before the weekend ends, otherwise, there may be repercussions with their participation.

The Pokémon Company has always preferred a family environment, so this sanction of the name was something that was already coming, especially fans were the ones who once warned the team to make a change. And now, it will be quite interesting to know the new nickname of the group, which could be a total change for the future of their performance.

In news related to the franchise. Official schedules for the International Championship in its North American Division have already been announced. If you want to know everything about it, we invite you to click on the following link.