The space in between the poor and also the rich clubs need to not split, emphasized the association of 37 European professional leagues with even more than 200 clubs on Thursday after an on the internet conference.

From the 2024/25 season, the Champions League will certainly be boosted from 32 to 36 participants as well as held in the initial round after a brand-new layout with 4 nine teams. This increases the revenue of the European Football Union enormously by the rewarding premier class. The designated reform was adjusted in May, as well as the circulation of the funds has actually not yet been made a decision.

A lot of the money proceeds to stream to the CL clubs

When the current circulation key is kept, the concern is remarkably cautioned that the fear is that the gap between the bad and also the empire would certainly expand even better.

It is expected that these earnings is currently raising from 3.6 billion euros at the start of the Reformed Champions League in the 2024/25 period. A lot of the cash would certainly likewise stream to the presently 32 clubs in the premier class, currently there are two billion euros in the disadvantage of Europa Organization (a total amount of 465 million euros) and also Meeting League.

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