[Virtual Human Moon Young-soo reporter] Craepton (CEO Kim Chang-han) unveiled the first teaser image of Virtual Human ‘ANA’ on the 13th and started to build a full-fledged web 3.0 ecosystem.


Anna is the first Virtual Human to be released for the first time since Craftton officially declared its entry into the business in February. Craftton studied Virtual Human, who can work on the world from the planning stage and give any crush on anyone.

Anna is an Unreal Engine-based hyper realism manufacturing technology, and it is characterized by a real figure like a real person unlike the existing Virtual Human, which is made with different technologies.

The highest level of Face Rigging technology expresses the movement of the pupils, the microscopic facial muscles and wrinkles, and the body is applied to the whole body to show the natural joint movement. In addition, the deep learning techniques such as voices synthesis were added to wear a unique voice (AI VOICE) that can play and sing naturally like humans.

Shin Seok-jin, general manager of Craftton Creative, said, Anna is a Virtual Human with a near-acting visual that is born with a differentiated technology of craft t1. Starting with the release, we will expand our activities to influencers in various areas such as entertainment and esports.

Detailed information such as images, videos, and worldviews of Anna will be released in the second half of the year.