Considering that the game is largely similar to Escape from Tarkov, one of the largest risks when running in The Cycle: Frontier is the loss of your objects after death. This is where the separation mechanism comes into effect. To divide your things into smaller stacks, you can divide the items in The Cycle: Frontier, and we will show you how to do it.

How to divide the elements in The Cycle: Frontier

As you know, The Cycle: Frontier is a PVPVA space shooter with an emphasis on survival and collection of garbage. You can take supplies with you when you run to Fortune III, but you will lose most of your things if you die. Since you want to maintain your supplies and equipment, you can ask if you can also divide your things in The Cycle: Frontier.

Gathering objects in The Cycle: Frontier on a regular basis, you can put them into each other, but you can divide these items into an exact number depending on how much this subject you need. In this game, it is difficult for some players to divide the stacks of objects. The only way to divide the stacks of objects is to enter your inventory, to click on the object that you want to divide, hold the left mouse button on this subject, and then press the Shift.

This will reveal the mini-manager what you want to divide, which will allow you to divide it by any number of methods that you choose. In order to collect the stack from your cache again, just drag the identical object into your reserve, and it will be installed automatically.

Going to a run, we offer to divide your things, predict how many subject you need, and take only this amount with you. This reduces the likelihood of loss of a certain subject in case of death.