Formula 1 is still dominated by men. As part of the #Weraceasone campaign, the premier class of racing wants to make the series more various. Entry opportunities for women, people of color and people of the LGBTIQA spectrum are to be simplified.

This promise also applies to in -house eSports. That is why Formula 1 awards a “Women’s Wildcard” for the team selection event at the start of the upcoming Pro Championship Racing series-the F1 ESPORTS Exhibition.

Advertising McLaren Technology Center

In order to draw attention to the possibility of participating, Formula 1 organized an “Experience Day” on May 12th. In the legendary halls of the McLaren Technology Center, the British Sky F1 reporter Natalie Pinkham gathered as host female F1 Content Creator.

The latter could not only collect “hot-loops” and submit them for the event, but also supply their followers at the same time with information about the wildcard. McLaren-ESPORT manager Lindsey Eckhouse spoke of the Women’s Wildcard as a “fantastic event” that “underlines the efforts of McLaren Racing to promote diversity, equality and inclusion.”

Hot-Laps can now be submitted

Since May 17th, girls and women aged 16 and over have been able to submit their best run in F1 2021 to the Silverstone course until May 23 at The fastest will compete as part of the F1 ESPORT Exhibition event against the best F1 SIM racers in the world. From this pool and last year’s pro championship pilots, the F1Sport teams choose their drivers for the 2022 season.

With the Women’s Wildcard, Formula 1 does not want to separate men from women. The two-time W-Series champion Jamie Chadwick said for the first time in 2021: “If you can see it, you can also be” and thus emphasizes the meaning of visibility. Only when women can be seen in sports, inspire the further to do it equally.

Although everyone was able to take part in the conventional qualification in F1 2021, women are underrepresented in SIM racing. Formula 1 hope to be able to motivate more “female racers” to get into the SIM racing via this special, capsized platform.