“Feest five to eight liters,” said Frank Baumann, the sports director had had to endure in beer showers on Sunday afternoon, the day of the Bremen Bundesliga return. What else the evening would bring to celebrations, he just wanted to let himself come to himself – but then pushed the sentence behind that (compared to the Werder players) he will “work again tomorrow”: “It continues for us.”

The Bundesliga planning has long since started in Bremen, two-track so far, “we have known this for a long time from the past two years,” says Baumann, when Werder also had to go through a first and second division scenario. So now there is certainty, and the sports director already has “clear ideas in mind, how it goes on, where we need”. One overarching goal is: “That we want to put the absolute tribe and a large part of the squad together much earlier than last season.”

the cause of the familiarization period

A year ago, after relegation, the personnel changes had dragged on throughout the summer, only after the end of the transfer period on August 31 was really clear what the face of this Werder team would look like – and to this Time was already played in the 2nd division. This inevitably also made the sporting familiarization time more difficult. But in the Bundesliga, Werder will probably not be able to afford one as a newcomer.

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targeted obligations instead of the next change

In this respect, the upheaval in the squad will certainly not be as enormous as after the climb when there were more than 20 transfer movements. “We have a basic structure of players” who should continue to form this, says Baumann. Professionals are to be committed to a targeted manner that would immediately be possible for a regular place that, according to the sports director “have already seen and experience something and want to make us better”, but also perspective players who may need a year or two until they exhaust their potential be able.

Baumann: “Convince interesting players of us”

For the club, the ascent means considerable additional revenue (an additional around 20 million euros on TV money alone), but the financial situation is not comparable to that before relegation. The budgets are more limited, especially since the liabilities are grown by a loan (20 million euros) and a medium -sized company bond (17 million euros) – and therefore transfer revenues have to be generated again. However, not to the extent of the past year, when it was more than 20 million euros. “Nevertheless, we are also optimistic,” says Baumann, “that we can convince us of interesting players”.

no intensified conversations because of great

Pascal is acted as a candidate, a regular in the Premier League, whose contract expires at Brighton & Hove – but other clubs from the Bundesliga also show an increased interest. Before the 30-year-old will decide on his future, the 38th matchday will be pending for him and his club next Sunday anyway. Intensive discussions with Werder have not yet been held.