The defensive will be a large construction site in Hoffenheim on the upcoming transfer summer. Florian Grillitsch, Chris Richards and Havard Nordtveit leave the TSG, Kasim Adams should have long been sold, the full performance with Benjamin Hübner and Ermin Bicakcic is in the stars – David Raum is a potential seller.

In any case, coach Sebastian Hoeneß and manager Alexander Rosen have considered and named the urgent need for more quality and physical presence on the ground as in the air in defense. The efforts to defend the national defender Matthias Ginter, on the other hand, remained in vain, the Gladbacher decided on his training association Freiburg.

Bromance Duell - Ermin Bicakcic & Adam Szalai

Hertha’s class affiliation plays a role in a possible transfer

But now the references to the next candidate: Marton Dardai from Hertha BSC. “Sky” first reported on the Hoffenheim interest, which coincides with the information from the Kasim Adams. Accordingly, there has been concrete contact between the two clubs, the TSG has deposited its interest. But before further steps are taken, Dardai and the Berliners should fully concentrate on the last Bundesliga weekend in 2021/22, where the final relegation is sought. In addition, the future class affiliation Hertha should also have an impact on transfer modalities.

Dardai, whose contract runs in Berlin until 2025, is the son of the former head coach and professional Pal Dardai. The 20-year-old is born in Berlin, a Herthan’s own plant and central defender with a stronger left foot. That would open up good perspectives in the Kraichgau to the U-21 international, who also has the Hungarian citizenship on the father’s on the paternal.

Because with left -footed defenders, TSG is such a thing. US boy Chris Richards, most recently loaned twice from FC Bayern, return to Munich as planned. A firm obligation is currently also unlikely because it is expensive as a third loan.

Dardai is valuable as a left foot, also because of Hübner’s injury history

Under normal circumstances, the position on the left in the four or three chain from Benjamin Hübner would be occupied. But the captain, who had recently been missing one and a half years because of an ankle injury, was most recently plagued by back problems and had to end the season prematurely after only five missions. It is open how resilient the 32-year-old will be able to present in the coming season.

Young development players are basically Hoffenheim’s target group, but the TSG recently largely signed -free candidates (room, Angelo Stiller, Finn Ole Becker, Grischa Prömel). But the TSG will have to and want to invest, as the interest in the transfer -free but by no means cheap ginter shows.

market value at around five million euros

Dardai Junior’s market value, which has previously had two dozen Bundesliga missions in two years, is estimated at around five million euros. It is not known whether there are defined distance payments depending on the league affiliation. Otherwise, competing interested parties (supposedly also Dortmund, Wolfsburg and Frankfurt) could drive up the price. Berlin himself had only won an experienced left -footed defender from Stuttgart with Marc Oliver Kempf in winter.