From 2024, 36 instead of 32 teams will take part in the Champions League. One of the disputes of the much -discussed reform: Who should the four additional places go to? The model originally provided for a coefficient rule to award two places to clubs that have had success in the European Cup in the past, but had not qualified for the Champions League in terms of sport. This project was heavily criticized by the Association of European Football and fan representatives.

At the meeting of the UEFA Executive Committee in Vienna, adjustments to the reform were now made, as UEFA announced on Tuesday. Accordingly, the two starting places will go to the two national associations that have cut the most successful in the previous season. This results from the total number of points of a national association divided by the number of participating clubs. So England and the Netherlands would benefit from the current season and would get another starting place in the coming season.

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fewer preliminary round games per club

Nothing changes in the distribution of the two other additional starting places: One goes to the third -placed people of the association, which is in fifth place in the UEFA five year ranking -currently France -and another results from the increase in the “Champions Path” in the Qualification.

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The reduced number of group games is also new. The originally planned preliminary round games per club are now to be reduced to eight.

The new format was approved on Tuesday and thus the final, the UEFA continued.