USA Today: “The south of Floridas got a first impression of Formula 1. Certainly many came to Miami with curiosity, and certainly many traveled again as fans. It is a connection that fits. Miami has a lot with his ten -year contract Time to improve the event – it can hardly be much larger. “

Wall Street Journal: “Formula 1 was looking for American shine and found Miami. Thanks to a popular Netflix series, the premier class came to Florida, she met her screwdriver image with numerous celebrities in the driver’s warehouse.”

Netherlands “Max Verstappen, American. With a football helmet on his head, he celebrated on the podium as if he were not Formula 1 world champion, but a quarterback from Limburg. America has it Of course terribly exaggerated, Verstappen made you happy after a wonderful victory. “

de Telegraaf: “Master of concentration. Max Verstappen also remains cool in American madness.”


Gazzetta Dello Sport: “Only half joy for Ferrari. Verstappen wins, Leclerc fights like a lion. He has to be satisfied with a bitter second place.”

Corriere dello Sport: “Verstappen tames the red Ferrari cars. Head and heart are not enough for victory. He did his best, but he measures himself with an extraordinary pilot.”

La Stampa: “America blesses Red Bull: The first Grand Prix in Miami is all about Vipen.

Corriere della sera: “The flying Max conquers the USA: Leclerc has to bow to clear superiority before the dapping, Ferrari says goodbye to Miami with disappointment – and now has to fight hard for the dream.”

La Repubblica: “Verstappen ruins Ferraris ambitions. The incredible tough attitude of Leclerc is not enough to keep up in Verstappen. Two champions of the highest profile enliven one season that could become unforgettable.”


Guardian: “Max Verstappen’s victory shows again which level he acts when he has a car according to his ideas. An ice -cold performance on a boiling hot afternoon.”

Daily Mail: “Somewhere in this glittering show there was also a reasonably decent race with a deserved winner Max Verstappen. Lewis Hamilton started and ended it as sixth – it was further evidence that the Mercedes himself with a long -standing Superman is not up to the wheel. “

Max Verstappen's Joy, Mercedes' Frustration And The Best Team Radio | 70th Anniversary Grand Prix


L’Equipe: “Verstappen confirms his return to old strength. With his exception class, he dominates the race, only Leclerc can keep up at times.”


Marca: “He also wins every race that runs away. The Dutch pulls all the registers of his talent.”

as: “Verstappen both eat Ferraris on the racetrack. No matter what the World Cup stand says: In Miami Mad Max was in charge. Schumacher and Vettel Crashen, the fault is more of the younger one.”

Sport: “Verstappen wins the arm pressing against Leclerc. The American dream – for some it is a comedy, for others a thriller. It is impressive how much Formula 1 in the USA has grown.”

El Mundo Deportivo: “Verstappen sends a clear message to Ferrari. The fight for the title is getting more and more exciting, the Scuderia has to watch that she finds a suitable answer in Barcelona.”