The pictures of the non -aggression pact between FSV Frankfurt and SV Elversberg in the Southwest Regionalliga are viral throughout Germany. In the last twelve minutes of their meeting, the actors of both teams had obviously agreed on a mere manual of the 1-1 dial, which guaranteed their respective season goals: Elversberg the championship and FSV Frankfurt.

Some (Elversberg) pushed the ball in their own half, the other attempted attempt to conquer the play equipment. While cubs were celebrated after the final whistle, the uninvolved observer inevitably remains an extremely fader aftertaste. As well as the question: If not the referee had a handling of preventing the unworthy hustle and bustle – and now there are no subsequent sanctions for the clubs?

“No obvious and clearly assigned offense”

The 24-year-old referee Jonas Brombacher from Wittlingen was not given an intervention on the field, as DFB-Schiri apprentice and regular expert Lutz Wagner clarifies: “In terms of rule, there was no obvious and clearly assigning offense.” The overall scenery could be regarded as unsportsmanlike behavior – but who specifically should the impartial to be accountable for this? After all, it is neither forbidden to play for pure possession of the ball like Elversberg, nor to put it completely on counterattacks like the Frankfurter.

A tacit agreement cannot be proven naturally

3. Liga-Party in Frankfurt? Elversberg und FSV feiern gemeinsam | FSV Frankfurt – SV Elversberg
Likewise, there is no basis for subsequent investigations from the association side. The sports court of the Regionalliga Südwest – unlike the control committee at DFB level – generally does not work ex officio, but only in the event of a complaint, as the chairman Prof. Dr. Andreas Pitz confirmed in conversation with the Regionalliga on Monday.

Nothing had been received at the league office until shortly before the end of the opposition period in the late Monday afternoon – and no longer expected anything in accordance with the intensive exchange with the suffering clubs SSV Ulm or SG Sonnenhof Großaspach.

In addition, Schiri Brombacher had not made a special report. One would have been due if, for example, the referee would have perceived an explicit agreement. A tacit agreement, however, naturally does not remain noticeable. She will still go into the history books of the Regionalliga Südwest – as an unpleasant chapter.