“They are definitely not there,” said national coach Toni Söderholm on Friday on the sidelines of the preparation in Villingen-Schwenningen, without the reasons for the cancellation of the two professionals playing in Sweden.

in Beijing still there

Bob McKenzie discusses what led to the WJC cancellation, and whether it's possible to reschedule

The two-time Stanley Cup winner Kühnhackl (Skellefteå aik) and Rieder (Växjö Lakers) had been there during the disappointing Olympic cut-off in Beijing as well as the semi-finals at the 2021 World Cup. Söderholm had previously given the chances of appointing Rieder and Kühnhackl in the course of the World Cup preparation at “50:50”.

“Some” by Meister Berlin and Munich still joined the DEB squad

It is still unclear how many players from the German champion Eisbären Berlin and the final opponent EHC Red Bull Munich will join the team next week. “Some,” replied Söderholm after first talks: “One or the other is struck. One or the other feels very fit. Hopefully we will know how it looks in the next two days.”

In the arena of the Schwenninger Wild Wings, the German national ice hockey team will play the final test game before the World Cup opening against Austria on Sunday. The first World Cup preliminary round is scheduled for the top nation Canada on May 13th in Helsinki.