“Both have started to develop engines,” said Volkswagen boss Herbert Diess on Monday at an event of “Wolfsburger Allgemeine Zeitung” and “Wolfsburger Nachrichten”. The background to the recent approval of the VW supervisory board for the projects is the prospect of increasing income. “We received the promise that we will get more money to Wolfsburg with Formula 1 than without Formula 1,” said Diess.

The aim is to start a start in the motorsport king class from 2026. Formula 1 wants to accommodate interested manufacturers with a standard compromise. From 2026, the hybrid engines are to be operated with 100 percent sustainable fuel. The combustion engine in the unit should only contribute 50 percent of the service, the rest is electrical. That fits the future alignment of the car industry. Rule changes also made this a condition for the implementation of the plans.

When Porsche makes motorsport, it is the most efficient to drive Formula 1

Audi y Porsche confirman su llegada a la Fórmula 1 Grupo Volkswagen se prepara

Herbert Diess

The VW boss made it clear that the parent company would not participate in the Formula 1 projects of its daughters. At Porsche, the plans are already “quite concrete”. As the group’s sportiest brand, Porsche has to get involved in motorsport. “When Porsche makes motorsport, it is the most efficient to drive Formula 1,” said Diess. Porsche is associated with an introduction to the Red Bull team by world champion Max Verstappen.

Several options are under discussion for Audi. Instead of the first deal with McLaren, Aston Martin and Sauber are now mentioned as a possible partner.