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Tiktok with video games? The popular application is preparing for the next logical step

Without a doubt you know Tiktok , the popular original application of China that allows thousands (if not millions) of users every day see short videos made by the community. Over the years, Tiktok has quickly established himself as the essential social network and today concentrates most of the global influence figures.

But while the application exclusively offers this type of small videos, it seems that Bytedance , the founding company of Tiktok, now wants to turn to video games. As if its users did not spend enough time to the application, they would also have to play it.

Tik tok games?

A Reuters survey published on May 20 tells us about the intentions of the Chinese giant with respect to the video game industry. Tiktok games are not new, in Vietnam the system is already underway for a few months. But why Vietnam? Simply because the country has a young population, with 70% of its population under 35 This represents an astronomical amount of Tiktok users. Therefore, the area is more than propitious to prove such a characteristic, before applying it to the rest of the world.

Even according to Reuters, the Bytedance Plan would be to launch these video games in Southeast Asia this year . As for other continents, international users should be patient.

Tiktok and video games, a long history

** It is not the first time it is possible to play on Tiktok. But this time everything is different because the games that will be available on Tiktok will come from the wide catalog of productions owned by Bytedance, or at least they will be closely related to them.

As the Chinese application constantly adds new functions to retain the valuable loyalty of its young users, it would not be unlikely to see video games on the platform. They will undoubtedly be productions destined to bring the community closer and, as always, to promote content exchange .

If Real Life Was A Video Game Simulator

Why add games to the application?

As Bytedance said to Reuters:”We are always looking for ways to enrich our platform and regularly try new functions and integrations that contribute value to our community” _. So first, everything points to a continuous search for innovation.

Second, of course, money . If there are games in the application, there will also be many ads. Therefore, the Chinese company intends to make profitable the implementation of this type of functionalities collecting profits through advertisements. Quite simple, right?

Ultimately, this would allow Tiktok to attract a new category of users , mobile players. They have been, for a few years and thanks to the success of Candy Crush, Angry Birds and others, a significant number of people. Therefore, this great community may resort to Tiktok, if the application creates video games worthy of that name. One thing is safe, we can’t wait to see what this new function holds us!

NBA News: $ 100,000! Dallas Mavericks for behavior on the bench asked to checkout for the third time

The Dallas Mavericks have been asked by the NBA for the third time in the current postseason for their behavior on the bench to the cash register. After $ 25,000 and $ 50,000, the punishment was doubled again, so that the Texans now have to shell out $ 100,000. The league announced this on Sunday.

Mark Cuban throws shade after Mavs' THIRD bench decorum fine ????
After two offenses in the previous series against the Phoenix Suns, the members of the team had not adhered to the rules, according to the statement, in the bitter defeat in game 2 at the Golden State Warriors. In addition to several players, a member of the coaching staff stood in the bank for a longer period of time and even moved away from the bank and stood in the field during the game.

“It is the league’s decision to express a punishment, but we will not sit down and continue to cheer on the players,” said Mavs Head coach Jason Kidd before game 3 when the punishment was not yet official. Already after the first punishment he said: “The league takes care of the wrong things. Millionaire Feuer is a millionaire. The enthusiasm is special, that’s what sport is about.”

In game 2 against Golden State there was even a scene in which Stephen Curry wanted to play the ball for Dallas’ Two-Way player Theo Pinson, who stood next to the bank in a white sweater and thus confused the Warriors jersey similar saw. The situation was similar with the injured Tim Hardaway Jr. “We try everything to help our teammates,” Pinson recently told ESPN. “We cause a mental problem for the opponent.”

Steve Kerr, Head Coach of the Warriors, said about the topic: “It doesn’t bother me as long as you don’t intervene in the game. I love that your bank brings energy, runs Trash Talk and is full. The fans want to see that. The fans want a team to take care of each other. I love it, but when the game is intervened, a red line is exceeded. “

NBA Playoffs – Warriors vs. Mavs: The series at a glance (2-0)

Game Date Time Home About result
1 19. May 3 o’clock Golden State Warriors Dallas Mavericks 112: 87
2 21. May 3 o’clock Golden State Warriors Dallas Mavericks 126: 117
3 23. May 3 o’clock Dallas Mavericks Golden State Warriors
4 25. May 3 o’clock Dallas Mavericks Golden State Warriors
5* 27. May 3 o’clock Golden State Warriors Dallas Mavericks
6* 29. May 3 o’clock Dallas Mavericks Golden State Warriors
7* 31. May 2 o’clock Golden State Warriors Golden State Warriors

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* if necessary

Disappointment and frustration at BVB

The release of head coach Marco Rose near Borussia Dortmund is said to have left deep traces. With the designated successor Edin Terzic, not everything has apparently yet been clarified.

On Friday at the best lunch time at 12:30 p.m., the proverbial bomb hit: Borussia Dortmund announced the separation from Marco Rose. This is the result “an intensive season analysis on Thursday,” reported BVB.

According to the media reports, the Dortmund “elephant round”, consisting of managing director Hans-Joachim Watzke, the outgoing Roses director Michael Zorc, his designated successor Sebastian Kehl and consultant Matthias Sammer, as well as Rose himself. “Late” and “partly also loud” it became, “Sky” reported.

On Saturday, more details seeped through. Watzke in particular was skeptical about further cooperation with Rose, supposedly “in months”, as “Welt” wrote. At Rose, doubts were also matured in the course of the conversation with the bosses.

“Disappointment and Frustration” after season analysis at BVB

According to the “Ruhr Nachrichten”, the 45-year-old finally asked the question of trust. Specifically, he wanted to know whether he would sit in the saddle even in the event of a bumpy start of the season.

When Borussia Dortmund Nearly Went Bankrupt
There was no clear answer to this question. Rose did not promise the Roseing leadership either. The end of the collaboration as the best solution for everyone involved came up with the agenda.

The course of the meeting ensured “disappointment and frustration” among some participants, according to the usually well -informed sheet.

BVB: Edin Terzic’s obligation not yet perfectly

Roses designated successor is an old acquaintance: Edin Terzic, former interim coach and current technical director of BVB.

However, according to “RN”, the second term of the 39-year-old as head coach is not yet in dry cloths. Terzic, however, only have to “commit” after initial negotiations.

Further talks are scheduled for Sunday, it is said. After that, enforcement could be reported quickly.

SK Sturm of central defenders on it

The squad planning at runner -up Sturm Graz is already in full swing.
The Styrians show interest in two central defenders, but their own players are also in demand.
As the kleine Zeitung reports, the SK Sturm will intensify in the defense center in summer.

There are three names on the shortlist, two are now known: David Nemeth and Dominik Baumgartner.
It would be a return for Nemeth, the 21-year-old already played for storm and is now kicking at Mainz 05. Baumgartner is still under contract with the WAC for another season.
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At the same time, the good performance of the Graz did not remain unnoticed.
As the krone reports, Alexander Prass is in demand at “A good club from a top league”.
It should be Mainz 05.

Top 10 Centre Backs In The Premier League 2022
The 20-year-old became a regular at Sturm and is still under contract until 2024.

Kazakhstan vs. Germany: Ice hockey World Cup today in the live ticker

The German national team meets Kazakhstan today at the ice hockey World Cup. Here is the game in the live ticker.

Next challenge for Germany at the ice hockey World Cup: The DEB team faces the selection of Kazakhstan on Sunday. Cup accompanies the preliminary round game in the live ticker.

Dieser article is continuously updated. Click here for the refresh of the page.

Kazakhstan vs. Germany: Ice hockey World Cup today in the live ticker – before the start

Before the start: The German selection is currently in third place in Group A. A 3: 5 defeat at the start against Canada followed victories against Slovakia (2: 1), France (3: 2) and Denmark (1: 0). After the sovereign victory against Italy (9: 4) on Friday and the subsequent defeat of France against Denmark, the German national team is already in the World Cup quarter-finals. In the upcoming games, the starting point for the knockout phase is now to be improved.

Before the start: preliminary round game number six stands for the German national team in ice hockey this Friday. Today’s opponent is the selection from Kazakhstan. The game starts at 3:20 p.m.

Before the start: Welcome to the live ticker of the Kazakhstan vs. Germany game!

Kazakhstan vs. Germany: Ice hockey WM today live on TV and livestream

You will be able to experience the duel between Germany and Italy today. Sport1 has secured the rights to the ice hockey World Cup and shows around half of the tournament games in the freely receptive TV, including all the encounters of the DEB team-whether in the preliminary round or in the knockout phase.

Transfer start is today at 3:15 p.m. You can also switch on in the Livestream on Sport1.de or the transmitter YouTube channel.

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ice hockey World Cup: Group A with Germany

Square Team Sp. S N Tord difference Pts.
1 Switzerland 5 5 0 +15 15
2 Canada 5 4 1 +11 12
3 Germany 5 4 1 +6 12
4 Denmark 5 3 2 +5 9
5 Slovakia 6 3 3 -2 9
6 France 5 2 3 -4 5

Highlights | Kazakhstan vs. Germany | 2022 #IIHFWorlds
7 | Italy | 6 | 0 | 6 | -17 | 1
8 | Kazakhstan | 5 | 0 | 5 | -14 | 0

FC Liverpool vs. Wolverhampton Wanderers: Premier League now in the live ticker

The Liverpool FC welcomes the Wolverhampton Wanderers on the last matchday of the Premier League. You can find out here in the live ticker whether the team of coach Jürgen Klopp will be master.

Master showdown in the Premier League! The Liverpool FC welcomes the Wolverhampton Wanderers. Get the Reds Manchester City, who has Aston Villa as a guest ( now in the live ticker), still on the last match day? You can find out in our live ticker.

FC Liverpool vs. Wolverhampton Wanderers 1: 1

Tore | 0: 1 Pedro Neto (3rd), 1: 1 man
Liverpool | Alisson – Robertson, Matip, Konate, Alexander -Arnold – Thiago, Keita, Henderson – Luis Diaz, Man, Jota
Setup Wolverhampton | Sa – Toti, Coady, Boly – Ait Nouri, Moutinho, Neves, Dendoncker, Otto – Neto, Jimenez
yellow cards |

_Dies article is updated on continuously.

FC Liverpool vs. Wolverhampton Wanderers: Premier League now in the live ticker – 1: 1

FC Liverpool vs. Wolverhampton Wanderers: Premier League now in the live ticker – Tor Liverpool

17.: The Wolves don’t make much forward, but what they do is incredibly dangerous. And this relief attack should have been 2-0 for the guests. Another counterattack at tremendous pace, Neto is sent the left side steeply, again Matip defends alone, from the right half field, Dendoncker moves into the penalty area, is used perfectly by Neto from the baseline… and warps in front of the open goal.

16.: The pressure on the box of the Wolves is currently incredible. Liverpool keeps starting the penalty area at a tremendous pace, but there it becomes damn tight, as Jota had to experience again, who is blocked in a promising position.

14.: Matip from the half field for Jota, who plays out of the center on Alexander-Arnold. Its flat cross then lands at Keita, which comes to the shot from six meters, but is blocked immediately in front of the goal line. The Wolves are further ahead, but it is not the case that Liverpool would not get chances every minute.

13.: now Liverpool over the left side. Robertson sends Diaz Steil, who starts the gate from an acute angle, plays across the goal area, where everyone misses, to take the conclusion itself, the position of Diaz was already too unfavorable.

10.: Matip dream ball into the top, two rows he overplayed and bugs the ball into the run of Diaz, which runs alone in Jose SA, but the first ball contact is not perfect. And when Diaz has the ball under control, it is already too close to the goal, the ball can no longer place.

7.: The following scenes are shaped by the fact that the hosts will work back into the game via ball relays. This is the obvious attempt to put on your opponent. The Wolves play cheerfully here, are close to the man, try to disturb the build -up of the hosts early. So the guests don’t want to serve the game.

5.: Many spectators in the ranks follow the parallel encounter in Manchester using a smartph1. With the current intermediate stand, however, this doesn’t matter. Now the reds close to the equalization, Diaz is beating a perfect flank from the right outer lane on the run -in Matip – and this is not a standard situation – which is just just on the box of Jose Sa from a full run.

4.: This goal is clearly on Konate. By trying to clarify the kick with the head, Konate took out the game. And behind him the field was completely open. Jimenez had no trouble behind the defense chain to bring the ball to the man, as a defender there was only Matip against two men.

3.: Tooor! Liverpool – Wolverhampton 0: 1. The game starts with a bang. Long discount from Jose Sa, Konate misjudges himself, Jimenez runs through behind him, puts across the penalty area and Pedro Neto only has to insert! Great, simple attack.

FC Liverpool vs. Wolverhampton Wanderers: Premier League now in the LiveTicker – Tor Wolverhampton

1.: Anthony Taylor has released the game!

FC Liverpool vs. Wolverhampton Wanderers: Premier League now in the live ticker – kick -off

Before the start: For the Wolverhampton Wanderers, it’s actually about nothing. After the last results, more than 8th place is simply not in this season. It looked very different on matchday 31, because the team still had the best prospects for an international starting place. But six winless games followed, which made the European dreams burst quite quickly.

Before the start: 16 competitive games in a row, Liverpool no longer lost, the last defeat in the league was against West Ham on matchday 11 in early November. In the 26 games afterwards there were two draws against Spurs, one against Chelsea, one against City, otherwise only threesome. And yet that could be too little in the end!

Before the start: From the quadruple you dream in the port city. League and FA-Cup already has Jürgen Klopp’s team in their pocket, championship and champions League title. After the previous course of the season, only the national trophies would be almost a disappointment.

Before the start: The following scenario, on the other hand, is rather unrealistic: Liverpool plays draws and the villans gain almost double digits at City. If this happens, assume that the game will be examined in terms of crime.

Before the start: The question then arises for the two championship candidates how much resistance from the opponents after a long and exhausting season is still willing to do. As far as the title award is concerned, the situation is pretty clear. Liverpool can only make the leap in 1st place under two conditions on the last handle: the Reds have to win their home game, at the same time City is not allowed to get a threesome today.

Before the start: What are the odds? We have City on the one hand, which receives a visit from the neighborhood. The villans are a guest on the last match day. For the team from Birmingham, it is no longer about anything, so the starting situation is very similar to that of today’s opponent of the Reds. Because the Wolverhampton Wanderers can already tick off the season, they can no longer improve.

Before the start: also Klopps compared to Silva do Nascimento (most recently 1: 1 against Norwich), but not to the extent. Jose Sa begins in the goal for Ruddy, who remains a defense formation. Dendoncker comes in in midfield, but then there is one attacker less with Hwang (bank). Never wrong to stand a bit more compact against Liverpool.

Before the start: The Wolves: Jose Sa – Boly, Coady, Tote Gomes – Jonny, Dendoncker, Ruben Neves, Joao Moutinho, Ait Nouri – Pedro Neto, Jimenez.

Before the start: compared to the line -up in Southampton (2: 1) one could almost speak of a full rotation at Liverpool. There is a whopping seven changes – season record for the Klopp team. Only Jota, Matip and Konate as well as Alisson are left out of that starting eleven. Van Dijk and Salah sit on the bench, after all there are even more important games.

Before the start: The Reds run up: Alisson – Alexander -Arnold, Matip, Konate, Robertson – Keita, Henderson, Thiago – JOTA, MANE, DIAZ.

Before the start: The Liverpool FC is dependent on shooting aid in the master showdown. One point is Jürgen Klopp’s team behind the Skyblues. City should not win City in a victory of the Liverpool FC against the hikers – then the Reds masters would be. So there is plenty of tension!

Before the start: Start of the game on the Anfield Road is at 5 p.m.

Before the start: Hello and welcome to the live ticker of the game in the Premier League between Liverpool FC and the Wolverhampton Wanderers.

FC Liverpool vs. Wolverhampton Wanderers: Premier League today in the live ticker – the lists

FC Liverpool: * Alisson – Robertson, Matip, Konate, Alexander -Arnold – Thiago, Keita, Henderson – Luis Diaz, Man, JOTA
Wolverhampton: * Sa – Toti, Coady, Boly – Ait Nouri, Moutinho, Neves, Dendoncker, Otto – Neto, Jimenez

FC Liverpool vs. Wolverhampton Wanderers: Premier League today Live on TV and Livestream

If you want to follow Liverpool vs. Wolverhampton live today, you rely on a subscription to sky. The game will be sent to Sky Sport 3 from 4:50 p.m. Sky also offers a master conference on Sky Sport 2, which contains both the Liverpool game and the city game.

If you are a customer at Sky, you can track all Premier League games via Sky Go in the Livestream. With the Sky Ticket streaming service, the encounters can also be viewed without a long -term subscription.

Track the last matchday of the Premier League live: now acquire the skyticket.

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Premier League: Table before the last match day

Rank |
Team |
Games |
Tord difference |

1 |
Man City |
37 |
72 |
2 |
Liverpool |
37 |
66 |
3 |
Chelsea |
37 |
42 |
4 |
Tottenham |
37 |
24 |
5 |
Arsenal |
37 |
9 |
6 |
Manutd |
37 |
1 |

Liverpool vs Wolverhampton | Premier League 21/22 | Match LIVE Today!
7 |
West Ham |
37 |
11 |
8 |
Wolverhampton |
37 |
-3 |
9 |
Leicester |
37 |
0 |
10 |
Brighton & Hove |
37 |
-4 |
11 |
Brentford |
37 |
-7 |
12 |
Newcastle |
37 |
-19 |

13 |
Palace |
37 |
3 |
14 |
Aston Villa |
37 |
-1 |
15 |
Southampton |
37 |
-21 |
16 |
Everton |
37 |
-19 |
17 |
Burnley |
37 |
-18 |
18 |
Leeds UTD |
37 |
-38 |
19 |
Watford |
37 |
-42 |
20 |
Norwich City |
37 |
-56 |

Kakao reveals P2E game platform Clayton Games

Kakao (CEO Nam Gung -hoon) will showcase its P2E game platform ‘Clayton Games’ based on its clayton coin.

Kakao defined P2E as “Unlike traditional games led by game companies, P2E is a meta bus in the true sense of players.”

Clayton Games is a project for Kakao to support the P2E industry and expand the Clayton Coin ecosystem. Clayton Games is an IGO lunch pad. It helps to showcase new creepto projects related to game. Competitive products include BSCPAD of Binance and Avalanche’s Avalaunch.

Clayton Games aims to be an integrated platform for both game users and developers. Kakao expects Clayton Games to become synergy between users and developers.


Kakao cited the lack of channels for the P2E ecosystem, △ information fragmentation, △ lack of initial sales channels in game assets, and △ promotion of games. Kakao plans to solve the three problems of Clayton Games.

For example, to solve information fragmentation problems, Kakao collects information to Game Aggregator in Clayton Games. Game Egrigators will be a channel for providing comprehensive information for game ecosystems, such as basic gameplay information, related torque and news about newly launched games. Game Egrigators can operate channels based on the information provided by individual game developers in the early stages of the service, but aim for a user -based forum in the medium and long term.

Kakao said, “Clayton Games is a comprehensive P2E game platform that will not only provide IGO opportunities, but also solve essential matters for expanding the game ecosystem such as information fragmentation and game promotion.”

NBA: Warriors after comeback against the MAVS on the winning road

Inside the NBA reacts to Mavericks vs Warriors Game 2 Highlights | 2022 NBA Playoffs
Despite 19 meantime, the Golden State Warriors also won the second playoff game against the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA.

The basketball team around the stars Steph Curry and Klay Thompson took the lead on Friday evening (local time) in the last quarter at 86:85 and did not give the Texans over for the first time.

The Mavericks around national player Maxi Kleber, who are again in the final of the Western Conference eleven years ago since the championship with Dirk Nowitzki, played out a significantly better starting position in front of the two home games in Dallas on Sunday and Tuesday.

For the Warriors it was the 200th playoff victory in its history. Only the Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics, Philadelphia 76ers and the San Antonio Spurs have already reached this brand in the NBA. Curry was the best thrower for the hosts with 32 points.

Kidd: “We have to do better”

The Mavericks around her Star Luka Doncic had everything under control in the first half and kept silence in San Francisco. Even at the end of the third quarter, which the Warriors won 25:13, the guests were still at the forefront – but the game was already slipped. Doncic ended the game as the best thrower with 42 points. With the seventh playoff game with at least 40 points, he set the Mavericks record from Nowitzki. Kleber met one of his five attempts and posted three points.

“We have to do it better. If we try and miss three or four threes, we have to get closer to the basket. Maybe that’s a matter of experience,” said Mavericks coach Jason Kidd. “We died in the third quarter that we tried so many threes and only met two.”

Kaiserslauterns Niehues bomb job as a vacuum cleaner

One thing brings with it almost every coaching change: every player starts at zero, can recommend and hope for more playing time. Julian Niehues can currently sing a song. It is not the case that the 21 -year -old midfielder under Marco Antwerp was not in demand. But of his 17 missions in the past third division round, he only collected two nominations for the starting eleven. The third followed against Dresden in the first relegation game on Friday evening. Dirk Schuster had a specific plan with him.

“Julian had the task of keeping contact with the chain of four,” said Schuster after the 0-0 on the Betzenberg. Unlike predecessor Antwerp, the new coach again rely on a chain of four in the defense. Two more or less defensive midfielder on the six completed the rear network. One was never, the other Marlon Ritter. The fact that the fine technician knights in the ball again and again in the game and caused important accents there was also no earnings. He kept his back to his next man.

size as an advantage

“He made a bomb job as a vacuum cleaner before the defense,” Schuster praised his 1.95 meter tall player, who had moved to the Palatinate before the season of Borussia Mönchengladbach II. This size was one of the decisive reasons for Schuster’s decision. “I have to honestly say: Before the standard situations and the flanks of the Dresdeners, we had a bit of abdominal jokes before the game because we did not see ourselves so well with the number of players with this physicality,” the 54-year-old confessed. “Of course it helped us that Julian stood on the pitch and knocked a lot away.”

Admittedly, it was very difficult in the extremely tough game in a playful way to really put yourself in the limelight as an offensive player. However, for the actors with a focus on the game against the ball. Niehues took the opportunity for himself until the grains went out after a little more than an hour. “Then you saw that he didn’t play so many games. But he did it very well. It was the plan that he took Patrick Weihrauch out of the game and I can act with Mike Wunderlich. I’m very satisfied With him, “also had beneficial words ready for his teammate.

Ciftci and Hercher again options

If Niehues coped physically well and regenerated in good time since the beginning of the year, he will have good tickets in Dresden in the all -crucial second leg next Tuesday for a renewed starting elomination. But the team -internal competition could grow bigger. At least Schuster still hopes to have the short-term failed hikmet Ciftci (gastrointestinal complaints) with them again.

The trainer was even more optimistic with a view to a possible use of right -back Philipp Hercher, who had suffered a muscular injury a week ago in an internal test game. “It was a precaution. An operation today would probably have come too early, we might have broken something. We didn’t want that. I am in good spirits that he was available,” explained Schuster.

Löw exploit several offers: No decision has yet been made

“There are some inquiries that one or the other offer that I am now busy with in the next few weeks. No decision has yet been made,” said Löw in Berlin at “Sky”.

The 2014 world champion coach is flirting with a job as a club coach. “I would like to train a club again. I would have fun,” said Löw. On the other hand, he assesses a commitment as a national coach as problematic: “If you were a coach of Germany, it is of course also difficult to find something different somewhere as a national coach.” From 2006 to 2021 he was a national coach, previously under Jürgen Klinsmann, assistant coach of the DFB selection.

He could certainly help one or the other club from the Bundesliga.

Joachim Löw ● Best And Disgusting moments in match ● HD

Bastian Schweinsteiger about Löw

The former international Bastian Schweinsteiger, who had become world champion with Löw in Brazil in 2014, explained in the ARD: “I don’t know if he is interested in the Bundesliga, but he could certainly help one or the other club from the Bundesliga.”

Various clubs are currently looking for a new trainer in the Bundesliga – read a comment on the topic (“A bad testimony – also for management”).

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