The former national player and Bayern-Kicker Dietmar Hamann made Robert Lewandowski from FC Bayern Munich egoism allegations.

“I have little understanding of the statements. He speaks that it was a difficult situation for him,” Hamann explained at SKY90. For weeks there are discussions about how it continues with Lewandowski, who is still under contract until 2023.

“I would like to ask him: In the last five years, when he koketted with other clubs every year in summer or in the spring, whether he had thought of whether that was a difficult situation for the club?”, Said Hamann, who referred to the Coronabended taking failures for FC Bayern.

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Hamann: Lewandowski “is not 24 more”

He lacks a certain gratitude at Lewandowski. “He did not even say in recent years how happy he is in Munich,” Hamann stated. At the same time, the attacker expects a special new contract, both in terms of financial and runtime.

“He is not 24 more, but soon 34 years old. He can not expect the club says: ‘We’ll do it again two years’. Nobody knows if he’s going to shoot his goals next or year,” Hamann was missing too this aspect of understanding.

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After winning the tenth German Championship in a row, Lewandowski had shown slightly dissatisfied with his personal situation and declares that there were no contract negotiations yet. The Bayern confirmed afterwards in the person of sports council Hasan Salihamidzic, who reaffirmed that a Lewandowski sale in summer for the club can not be in question.