Only Matthias Sammer became a coach still younger champion as Julian Nagelsmann. The coach gone to Munich in the summer has thus brought his first title with FC Bayern, his first great title ever. “It all went very fast, the year was not quite so easy. I am very glad we crowned it now with the championship title,” says Nagelsmann after the encounter at “Sky”.

Of course, a first analysis of the game was not missing in the meticulous 34-year-old: “I think we’ve made a good game and have earned masters, I am very satisfied. If we had not won today, it would have been an unnecessary damper. We have to close the game earlier, but then have defended very well and passionately. “

Nagelsmann after Bayern Munich's loss to Villarreal 'We were lucky it was only 1-0' | UCL
At the end it was said against the direct competitors from Dortmund 3: 1 for Bayern, the tenth championship in a row was perfect. From Cup and Champions League the Munich are out, so it’s sporting this season nothing more. The right time to turn off. “You should enjoy this for a few days now, we have analyzed a lot in the last two weeks and worked up. Now you have to leave all five times a few days,” said Nagelsmann.

Nagelsmann: “Made right in the championship”

Nevertheless, the coach looked back on hard depths, such as the crissful cup in Gladbach (0: 5 in the 2nd round) or the Champions League failure against Villarreal. “The game in Gladbach, where I was at home, was hard. The excretion against Villarreal hurt, because we have done more. The week after that was extreme Tristesse,” the coach reported, but also the positive things showed out: “We played outstanding good football in the first round. In the second half we had a few fluctuations. But in the championship we did a lot right.”

And that ended now in the tenth championship title in series, which was not successful in the top 5 leagues yet. The evening in Munich will now end wet-happy. “I’m prepared with fresh clothes,” laughed Nagelsmann, who had to survive the one or the other beer shower before.