Alexander Nübel has emphasized again that he will definitely be returned to Bayern in the coming season. Even a comeback in 2023/24 is currently excluded for the keeper.

The bare facts are clearly: Alexander Nübel stands after his change from FC Schalke 04 in the summer of 2020 until 2025 at FC Bayern Munich under contract. To collect game practice, the goalkeeper is currently borrowed at AS Monaco. The lend is dated until the end of June 2023. After that, the 25-year-old should start in Munich. But that’s probably nothing, because Platzhirsch Manuel new does not think of stopping.

Therefore, a premature return is anyway from the table. “At the moment it is not an issue. If Bayern is about anything else, we have to talk about it. But for me it is not a topic right now,” Nubel explained in “picture”. And then, too, it should be difficult with playing time for the former Schalke and Paderborner.

“I do not think Manuel newly puts on the bank. If he is there, he will play,” the goalkeeper was pessimistic and added significantly, “I do not think I’ll come back to Bayern during the time “

Nübel: Would not put me on the bank at FC Bayern

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At the current time, Nübel does not seem to be a head to do the situation in Munich anyway. “If Manu is extending three or four years now and continues at the level, that’s the way. If not, that’s different. The club decides in the end. But that does not matter to me now,” said the 1.93 meter Great keeper, which is currently in the fight for the Champions League places with AS Monaco.

Nubel does not regret the change to FC Bayern about two years ago, despite developments. “I would do it right again. 100 percent,” he stressed.

“From the quality this is the top in world football. I would always do it so much. You see where it goes, where you are for yourself, but the goalkeeper led, but I would not work out:” But now I would not have myself put more there on the bank. “