On the online lexicon platform Wikipedia, a user probably allowed himself a joke: “Camp Nou, Football Stadium Eintracht Frankfurts in Barcelona, Spain,” had meanwhile stood about the home stadium of the Catalans.

The reason for this joke was probably the Europa League game on Thursday: Eintracht Frankfurt had defeated the FC Barcelona in his home stadium Camp Nou with 3: 2. Through the 1: 1 in the first leg in Frankfurt a week earlier, the victory for a progress added to the semi-finals, where West Ham United waits for the Hesse.

The quarter-finals of the two teams caused anyway for excited discussions: The Barcelona officers complained about the space in Frankfurt in the first leg, fans of FC Barcelona left the grandstand of the Camp Nou in the meantime to “their” stadium to the large number of Frankfurttern protest. Several Spanish newspapers performed the power ratios on the ranks as co-responsible for Barcelona’s defeat.

The approximately 25,000 Eintracht fans at Camp Nou support their team loudly. “We check what happened there. I counted with 70,000 or 80,000 barca fans, but that was not the case,” Barca coach Xavi annoyed after the game.

The entry at Wikipedia has now been changed again. The fans of the SGE again have the opportunity to cheer their team at West Ham United in London at West Ham United in the first leg of the Europa League semi-final.

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