As in the two Bundesligen in the 3rd league on Good Friday is not played. The 34th matchday begins with six games on Saturday (2 pm) \ – and is once again in the sign of ascent and relegation battle.

Eintracht Braunschweig (58 points) can present in the fight for second place, which develops more and more to the duel between the Lower Saxon lions and the 1st FC Kaiserslautern and displace the Palatzer at least one night from the direct rise place. Since the red devil plays only Sunday, the Eintracht against the ex-team of coach Michael Schiele has the chance to submit. The BTSV receives the Würzburg Bundesligens, as the team who has delivered a hard fight to the FCK last weekend, but is advised by the 1: 2 defeat but in ever larger relegations. Ten points is the saving shore five games away from the end – and Ironically, Offensive Motor Kopacz (5th Yellow) and Chef Trainer Ralf Santelli (interior ban on yellow-red card) are missing.

Six points (and a game less) away from Braunschweig is the TSV 1860 Munich. The Munich lions even squint the climbing sites, but now looks at the tracking duel with the only one point remote VfL Osnabrück. Chef Trainer Michael Köllner agreed his players with a common food on the game, but is missing on Saturday because of a yellow lock (“It’s already bitter to be missing in such a game”). On the other side, VfL-Offensiveman Simakala (Yellow Lock) must pause. “We want to win in Munich, just like the opponent, too,” VfL coach Daniel Scherning does not want to make a compusing game in the ascent race. “What should I think about how many points are needed for climb?”

Berlin, Duisburg or Halle – Who makes a step towards league?

Far from ascent hops are currently Viktoria Berlin (34 points) and the MSV Duisburg (35) – on the contrary, the traditional clubs bang around the league. The captains run with four points lead (but a game more) before the SC Verl is just above the line. Duisburg (also a game less than the Viktoria), is only a place with a point more about it. So it’s clear: the winner makes a big step – the zebra comes the training comeback from Captain Stoppelkamp just at the right time. Maybe the Routinian is already an option on Saturday.

The Hallesche FC – equal to the MSV – wants to record important counter for the class blast in the parallel game and make up for the 1: 2 defeat against Duisburg. “It burned to me too little, that was all very monotonous,” Criticized HFC Trainer André Meyer his team – and calls for more action in the upcoming home game against the only remotely unattended, depressed final light Havelse.

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Also on Saturday: the midfield duels between SV Meppen and Borussia Dortmund II as well as between Zwickau and the SV Wiesbaden.

Southwest derby before sold-out house in Kaiserslautern

Halle, Duisburg and the Viktoria firmly in view has the SC VEREN, which threatens to lose the connection to the saving shore (currently four points). In order to shorten the distance, it needs points, but that will be on Sunday (13 o’clock) , no slight undertaking: leader Magdeburg is a guest and depending on the results of the competition could the FCM already determined the “relegation participation” record.

Later on Sunday (14 o’clock) it comes to the Southwest Kracher between the 1st FC Kaiserslautern and the 1st FC Saarbrücken. The Palatinate Saar Derby brings a lot of explosive with them, it’s about crucial points in the ascent race. Lauter goes second in the matchday, the FCS is nine points away and fifth. It was already stitched from the Saarbrücker camp (Zeitz: “Front makes louver from shit gold”). At the FCK you get emphasized (Antwerp: “Statements like the from Manuel Zeitz we do not rate, that’s the opponent”), is looking forward to the sold-out Fritz-Walter Stadium, but among other things about the battered twitch, whimsical and knight. Rand Note: The game could be the third-league duel with the second-minded spectators throughout the history (only Dusseldorf’s return to the 2nd Bundesliga in 2009 saw even more fans with 50,095 spectators).

On Monday (19 clock) with Waldhof Mannheim finally another Südwest club is required. The pork halls receive the SC Freiburg II, but necessarily need a victory to keep at least the relegation place (eight points behind) still in view.