Gladbach Gladbach sportss director Roland Virkus has spoken openly about communication with coach Adi Hütter in terms of the coming season. Whether it continues with the Austrian, it is still open.

Before the season, Adi Hütter moved for a transfer of 7.5 million euros and hoping for great successes of Eintracht Frankfurt to Borussia Mönchengladbach, but just before completion of the current season, the class yet stopped with Oh and Krach to be booked. There is disappointment on both sides: both the Gladbach sportss people and Hütter had promised more.

Asked by the “kicker” whether a constellation could arise that Hütter is no longer coaches of foal eleven in the coming season, Virkus said, “Our goal is clear: We want to go to the new season with him.”. Then, however, the 55-year-old gave insights into the procedure of the club, which shows that a whereabouts of the coach does not consider certainly.

It is “but the most normal in the world that we put together and talk about the project that lies in front of Borussia. Therefore, there was no time because we had to cope with other tasks through the athletic situation,” said Virkus. It seems possible that Hütter, who was lured by other promises for the future to Gladbach, wants to reorient.

Gladbach Gladbach sportss director Virkus: These questions are to be clarified with Hütter

Vorstellung Roland Virkus als neuer Sportdirektor
“The prerequisites under which Adi Hütter has given his commitment were others, that’s right,” Virkus admitted. “That’s why it’s about putting themselves together in peace, looking at each other deep into the eyes and talking absolutely over everything.”

The upcoming questions are therefore for the Gladbach sportss director: “Does the coach assume the changed circumstances? What do his transfer requests look like? Can he identify with the goals of the club? You have to discuss that. To find a common way in the end. “

Anyway, he did not get signals of doubts from Hütter, explained the 55-year-old. “The exchange is good, we are in many things of the same opinion,” Virkus described the relationship between the two.