On the fact that Bayern threatens after the alternating error of Freiburg a stake through the DFB Sports Court, Oliver Kahn had reacted completely. Julian Nagelsmann can not say that of themselves.

“I’m not so relaxed as the CEO, I’m honest,” says the Bayern coach on Tuesday at the press conference before the first leg in the Champions League quarterfinals at FC Villarreal. The judgment of the DFB sports court could “just go in one direction”.

Nagelsmann kritisiert Freiburg nach Einspruch wegen Wechselfehler

The procedure of the Freiburg responsible criticized Nagelsmann explicitly explicitly: “From a personal point of view, I can not understand that Freiburg will do that. Because in the 18 seconds, I think I did not have two goals. I personally did not have it because I think That you exploit a mistake of a third party to come to themselves, because the pressure of the fans or sponsors becomes so big. “

“I have clearly communicated to the club that we do not appeal

Nagelsmann continue: “I do not know if you can knock on the shoulder in November at the Annual General Meeting with the sponsors on the shoulder, you should play internationally due to the three points you have done athletic de facto just not won. I would not be so happy if that would be the case. That’s why I have clearly communicated the club that we do not appeal. In the end, everyone has to decide for themselves. “

He had the objection “not so expected”, but he also “not surprised”, said Nagelsmann. “This is the topic for me as well.”

Comment: Two major defects in the legal system – that’s why the Freiburg opposition is correct