The Spanish media reported to the team and hospital spokesman on Saturday.
Vader had fallen on the fifth stage at a departure and hurled over the protective plank.
Since the accident has been affected by the accident, Vader in the hospital in Barakaldo at Bilbao had been operated immediately, reported media in Spain and the Netherlands.

Among other things, the athlete also broke the clavicle, the shoulder blade and several swirls, it was called for the hospital.

Dutch cyclist Vader to remain in hospital after crash and coma
His condition is very serious.
Jumbo Visa officially wanted not to announce any details, but shared, the state of Vader was stable.
He would be well maintained medically.
On Saturday night his team tweeted that Vader will remain the next few days in the University Hospital for observation and recovery from Bilbao.
If there are news, you will express yourself.