Devs Sisters opened a new ‘Dead Cide Club’ official Twitter, YouTube, and Discord.

The Deadside Club, which was known as a Safe House, is a new 3d pitching 3d shot in the year. It is possible to be a psychological warfare in the city in the city of the city, and utilizes the building terrain and space, it is possible to conceal, defense, and surprise attacks. In addition, users can direct conventions or create maps. The dead side club is released in the middle of this year, and the online showcase opened on the 14th, discloses detailed information through ‘DevNow’.

Remix Stacks
The teaser video released on the official Twitter with the social channel opened on the Teaser video, which is a biotechnology research institute for Belobog (Belobog), which is a game story starting point. The recruitment page of Beloborg is inverted and predicts the shocking world view of the game. More information on Beloborg that has grown into the best biotechnology research institute in the game is kept innocent.

For more information about the game, you can see the dead side club official tweeter.