1983/84 FC Bayern fell up with yellow-blue jerseys – this curious combination had to do with Brazil, Kaiserslautern and the Bayenberg.

In 1983, FC Bayern München surprised with yellow-blue jerseys, which deviated greatly from the red-white club colors. The jersey in the Brazil look was not the first, which fell out of the series, but the dress with the curious background.

So, in Munich, Munich regularly reached unusual jerseys, Bavaria-legend Lothar Matthäus found a red-blue Jersey uncertainly, he said opposite the _ picture_: “The blue Opel jersey from 1996/97 with the red brustring has me least favor. That was a very clear contrast, my taste was not. In addition, the jerseys were extremely cut. “

But why did one decide in Munich in 1983 for a jersey who did not identify themselves in the approach as a Bayern jersey?

The Brazil jersey of 1983: Kaiserslautern and Uli Hoeneß as a trigger

Initiator of the Brazil jersey was actually Uli Hoeneß, today ex-president of the German record champion. Thus, at the time of the 1. FC Kaiserslautern turned out to be an anxiety opponent of Bavaria, between 1975 and 1982 there were eight defeats and two draws for the FCB on the Bayenberg in ten games.

On November 26, 1983, the surprise followed: Bayern suddenly came in the place in yellow jerseys – the top game against Kaiserslautern stood. Lauter, on the other hand, reached the green dress, followed for the first time for a long time again a victory of Bayern on the “Betze”. A penalty of Klaus Augenthaler decided the game (1: 0 final score).

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Augenthaler: “Then Uli came with the yellow-blue jerseys, that was very weird”

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The then winner of the winner reminds himself in conversation with the _ picture_ to the curious events: “Paul Breitner had already said at the time: they gave the points immediately, because we do not need to go anymore, we knew we have to come up with something.”

Augenthaler reveals: “Then Uli came with the yellow-blue jerseys, that was very strange. Bavaria in Brazil colors, that was a weird feeling, that was never before. I recently saw pictures of it, that’s one very unfamiliar sight. But we won with it and then the next times on Bayenberg always played and won. “

For Bayern for Klaus Augenthaler, the Brazil look became the “Betze lucky striking”. In the season 93/94, the Munich then celebrated the comeback of the yellow jerseys – this time the idea should not arrive so well with the team…

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Ex-Bayern-Profi Helmer: “Nobody liked this Canary Jersey”

For example, Ex-Bavaria Profi Thomas Helmer was coming to the yellow-green away jerseys of the season 93/94 and said, “None in my team liked this canary jersey. Everyone was glad when Jersey was dusted after just two seasons.”

Lothar Matthew, on the other hand, has a different look at the unusual design, he felt it “creative” and “extraordinary”.

Bavaria and the extravagant jerseys: It is probably an endless story. On the Meisterfeier 2000 Sammy Kuffour made himself on the town hall balcony with the words “red-white jerseys, we want red-white jerseys…” In response to the red-blue shirts from the 90s at the Bayern fans immortal.

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However, these words should not stay for eternally the motto, in the season 2018/19 the German record champion ran on purple-mint green jerseys, the protest of the Bayern supporters was then great. So remain to wait if you reach the yellow-blue dress at the Säbener Straße, if it does not work sportily.