The NFV speaks in a message from Friday from a “message for the new season”. Accordingly, a total of 35 football clubs from northern Germany – including the third division TSV Havelse and SV Meppen – requested approval for the regional league North of the gentlemen for the coming season 2022/23 on time and submitted their documents to the NFV test. This means a record number of messages.

After examining all documents received, the NFV Commission will decide prevention & security / approval at the beginning of May on the granting of the approvals.

From the individual national associations of the NFV, the following clubs have set an application for the Regional League North of the Lords for the coming season:

Lower Saxony (19 clubs):

1. FC Germania Egestorf / Langreder
BSV NFVs Emden
BSV “black and white” rehden
Hannover 96 U 23

HSC of 1893
Lüneburger SK Hansa
Sports Club Spelle Venhaus
SSV Jeddeloh
SV Atlas Delmenhorst
SV Drochtersen / Assel
SV Meppen
SV Ramlingen-Ehlershausen
TSV Havelse
TuS Blue-White Lohn
U.S.I. Lupo Martini Wolfsburg
Vfb Oldenburg
VfL Oldenburg
VFV Borussia 06 Hildesheim

Hamburg (6 clubs):

Altona 93
FC Eintracht Norderstedt
F.C. Teutonia Ottensen 05
St. Pauli U 23
Hamburger SV U 21
Wandsweier TSV Concordia

Bremen (3 clubs):

Bremer SV
Brinkumer SV
SV Werder Bremen U 23

4. Spieltag Regionalliga Nord der Herren - Finalrunden

Schleswig-Holstein (7 clubs):

1. FC Phoenix Lübeck
Heider sv
KSV Holstein U 23
SC Soft Flensburg 08
SV Eichede
SV death fields
VFB Lübeck