The Belgian national Thomas Meunier stood in the past winter transfer window shortly before a change from BVB to FC Barcelona. Ultimately, however, the deal failed at the Veto of Dortmund.

Shortly before the expiration of the winter transfer period was reported in Spanish media about a possible exchange between BVB and the FC Barcelona. At that time it was said that the Catalans would like to send Sergino Dest in return for Thomas Meunier to Dortmund.

At least part of this story corresponded to the facts.

Like Meunier in the interview with the Belgian newspaper “Het Laatste Nieuws”, FC Barcelona truly tried himself around him in winter. “It could have happened. Barcelona has sought a reliable right-back to an affordable. I fitted in her profile,” said the BVB professional.

However, before Barca contacted Belgian, the Catalans picked up a discharge from the Dortmunds. “When they called me and told me about Barcelona’s offer, it sounded like: ‘Sorry, but you can not go,” Meunier remembered the conversation with the BVB bosses.

Meunier: “BVB a big club, but…”

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That he would have liked to wear the jersey of the Spanish World Club, does not deny Meunier. “The FC Barcelona is a train that only passes once in life. Dortmund is already a big club, but Barca… is unique. Just as it is Real, Bavaria and Manchester United in its kind,” the Belgian swarmed by the Catalans.

Generally one does not say a club like the FC Barcelona, meaning Meunier. “And mental was not easy. But I understand Dortmund, it was finally just a week before the end of the transfer window. Maybe Dortmund would have been told if they were offered 50 million euros, but that was unrealistic,” he made understanding for the Decision of the BVB Responsible.