2022 NEW Honda HR-V walkaround – BIG changes for hybrid SUV | What Car?
Since 1972, Honda has been building the Civic, over the decades, around 27.5 million units have been sold in 170 countries so far. From autumn, the eleventh generation goes to the start in Europe, basically as a full-hybrid.

Energy profit through recuperation

As a consumption goal, the Japanese car maker calls a value of just under five liters to 100 kilometers and CO2 emissions below 110 g / km. The hybrid technology is called “E: HEV” (Hybrid Electric Vehicle), it is already used in small car jazz as well as in the SUVS HR-V and CR-V. Also considered is the Civic E: HEV of three engines is driven: two E-machines and a two-liter four-cylinder benzeneirect injector, which makes 135 kW / 184 hp and produces 315 Newton meter torque. Under the back seats, a lithium-ion battery with 72 cells is installed, which is powered by recuperating with energy, electrical driving is possible on short distances.

Honda HR-V: Two electric motors cooperate with a gasoline. manufacturer

Trying out the technology in the HR-V. Here, a 1.5-L four-cylinder suction gasoline with 79 kW / 107 hp takes over the central part, in cooperation with the two E engines results in a system performance of 96 kW / 131 hp. And this is how the system works: The gasoline is mainly active as a generator, which provides the energy for one of the two electric motor. This, in turn, delivers its energy to the second electric motor to drive the front wheels. Somewhat complicated, but with some effort feasible. Only with consistently higher speeds, the gasoline is driving the vehicle via a direct connection, ie a bridging coupling, the vehicle.

The test drive should also clarify whether the technical effort is reflected in low consumption. Our measured values were 5.6 to 6.1 liters at 100 kilometers, which is not bad, but a recently driven Ford Puma with 125 hp (turbocharged and mildhybridized) needed little more. Perhaps auxiliary: The Puma ran faster than the Honda, which brings it to 170 km / h in the top.

Stepless gearbox

Dear Cruisen instead of athletic: on the way in the hybrid SUV. manufacturer

With regard to the stepless transmission, we had the impression that as with the CVT automatic, the so-called rubber band effect, ie longer tensile phases, which can be swelled clearly the noise level, for example on the highway. As Kotaro Yamamoto, Honda’s technical adviser, is not emphasized, it is not a CVT gearbox, but a solid translation to keep the energy losses as low as possible.

Advantages offers HR-V Hybrid in the use of space and comprehensive assistance. Also material selection and processing can be seen, as well as seating and suspension comfort. When handling, the HR-V does not want to be a sporty role model, which does not correspond to anyone requiring requirement profile. For the price: 32,600 euros he is in stage “Advance”; Because the battery can not be recharged externally, there is no promotion.

Electric strategy

Honda has been strategically aligned in terms of “global electrification” and will not only be around the year 2050 all around CO2-neutral, but already gradually build up to 2040 – 100 percent of purely electrically powered vehicles. Only from the coming year and thus a little late Plug-in hybrids will come.