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Wolfsburg left the CL despite 2-0 against Barcelona

Wolfsburg coach Tommy Stroot changed twice compared to the 1: 5 in the first leg and brought Wilms and Pajor for Popp and Wedemeyer (both bank). Barcelonas coach Jonatan Giraldez made the same starting eleven again.

From the beginning, a competitive game developed in which Wolfsburgers formed in 4-2-3-1 after three minutes through Waßmuth to a good header. Barcelona had problems with the compact defense of the Germans, which is why the Catalans recorded hardly any dangerous degrees.

Crnogorcevic missed the Barça leadership

HIGHLIGHTS | Wolfsburg vs. Barcelona -- UEFA Women’s Champions League 2021-22

The wolves, on the other hand, repeatedly countered. However, Pajor was unable to use an invitation from FCB keeper Panos (18th) and Roord Castle too imprecisely (34th). Barça, who ran in 4-3-3 as usual and had a lot of possession, came up shortly before the break: Patri tested Schult (38th) and Crnogorcevic missed twice within a minute (43.). The last good scene before the break could have leaded to 1-0, Barcelonas left left wing, after Wilms’ mistake from a good position.

Waßmuth only needs two minutes after the restart

Shortly after the change of sides, Wolfsburg did better: Waßmuth came to the ball by chance, remained nervous and converted to 1-0 (47.) by volley. As in the first half, the Lower Saxony defended heavily, in contrast to the first round, the Stroot team set valuable needles. After one, it fell 2-0: Roord pulled off from around 20 meters and hit flat into the left corner (59.).

So there was only two goals behind the clock and Wolfsburg for half an hour. VfL also stayed on the pusher, but no longer found get away. Huth’s attempt (83.) was crucial, while Waßmuth and Huth gave a double chance (89.).

After all, Wolfsburg always did nothing to win against this season. The German team thus taught Barcelona the first defeat of the season – but Barça is still in the first leg in the final in Turin after the clear 5: 1. There is either Paris St. Germain or Olympique Lyon on May 21.

The wolves are already guests at the SGS Essen on Wednesday (7.15 p.m.), while Barcelona welcomes FC Sevilla on Thursday (5 p.m.).

Forest Green Rovers: The greenest promotion party in the world

The terms are a little confusing. The Premier League, clear, has been the upper house of English football since 1992. Among them in the championship is not really about the championship, but at most about the title in the 2nd league. And the League One also has little first class, but is only the 3rd league. Although “only” does not apply to everyone, because for the Forest Green Rovers, the League One is almost the promised country. And yet only a start.

Never before, the small club from the Gloucestershire county made it into third class, the more violent the climb is celebrated. And you can also listen to all of England, because the rovers follow a very special plan: as the first professional club worldwide you want to be completely climate -neutral. Forest Green soon begins to build Eco Park, a stadium completely made of wood. Even the United Nations and FIFA have already awarded the project.

The party started in the cabin with vegan pizza

Sustainability in football also means: no meat on the menu, no exhaust gases from the team bus. The team in the fully electric bus from Chinese production made the 40 km short away trip last Saturday to the Bristol Rovers, the players were dressed in training suits and jerseys from coffee residues and recycling material. The 0-0 in Bristol was enough to finally make it clear. Then the players started their party with vegan pizza in the cabin. “I have never seen a club in which everyone moves in the same direction as we do,” says central defender Dan Sweeney.

This Saturday the last home game of the season is rising against Harrogate Town, and there are even standing maps on the west stands. Around 6,000 people will be in the stadium, which has been called “The Fully Charged New Lawn” since this season. In keeping with this, the fans can recharge further drinks directly on the lawn after the final whistle.

Forest Green Rovers pitch invasion promotion party at Bristol Rovers

The arena in Nailsworth, a town with 7000 inhabitants, is about 180 kilometers west of London, is called “Fully Chared” after the YouTube channel, which is primarily about electro cars and who bought the right to name. The company’s company cars are also an enforcement engineer, and in the stadium there have been only vegetable food since 2015, just as usual for the team, the lawn of course does not receive a art fertilizer. In the beginning, it was a change for fans like professionals, but now, according to it, even the away fans have got used to the Falafelstand.

The top scorer wants to celebrate on crutches – he just torn the cruciate ligament

All of this is based on the ideas of Dale Vince, 60 years old, whom the “Guardian” described as “richest hippie England”. He once started his business with wind turbines, in 2010 Vince took over the indebted amateur club and turned it up. Twelve years later, the Forest Green Rovers arrived in the world and 3rd league in England.

“Let’s enjoy this moment,” says coach Rob Edwards. The 39-year-old used to play for Wolverhampton and Blackpool and 15 times for Wales and himself looks as if his battery was infinitely filled with energy. A smaller club has never been among the best 68 teams of England, in the future it will be against former Premier League clubs such as Derby County (current coach: Wayne Rooney), Portsmouth or Ipswich Town, UEFA Cup winner in 1981. Edwards for the League One not yet in his squad. Matty Stevens, with 23 goals, the team’s best goal scorer, tore a cruciate ligament in his knee and was operated on Wednesday. At the party on Saturday, the 24-year-old striker wants to be there on crutches.

on the site of the old stadium, affordable apartments are to be created

And then the next projects are already pending. Last week, approval for the construction of the new training center for men and women and the academy came. Then follows the wooden stadium, according to designs by star anxiety Zaha Hadid. An affordable apartments are to be built on the site of the old stadium.

The question remains: How do you get to the away games climate -neutral? The electric bus for the trip to Bristol was only rented, from a company that also promoted members of the royal family for several years. The 48-seater costs around 400,000 euros with a range of around 320 kilometers. “Transport is one of the last pieces of the puzzle for us,” said club boss Vince recently. He also tries to solve this sustainably.

How Nagelsmanns everyday life has changed since Dortmund

Now that the “Championship” point was ticked off on the checklist, Julian Nagelsmann starts his working day more relaxed. “I love that I have a little more time in the morning to drink a coffee more,” the Bayern coach replied grinning with the question of how his everyday work against Dortmund and the associated title grinning on Friday. has already changed.

He exchanged his coaching team in peace, added Nagelsmann, and has more time to “talk about the things that affect the medium -term, long -term future”. And of course he also talks to sports director Hasan Salihamidzic, the technical director Marco Neppe and with CEO Oliver Kahn about the management planning for the coming season.

Nagelsmann, although he naturally wants to take the games against Mainz, Stuttgart and Wolfsburg, also want to take a maximum of serious view of the coming season in which the pressure will increase for him. “I have a few general topics that I am working on, which you can otherwise work out less in everyday league life.”

Julian Nagelsmann's Bayern Munich Tactics Explained | Bayern Munich 2021/22 Tactical Analysis |

“Lists created to changes that we want to make”

For example: “Create position profiles, feed it with video. That every player simply can quickly fall back on the video on his cell phone next year, if he may play in an unusual position, and then see the four or five points for the position are asked. ” In addition, Nagelsmann has created a few lists of changes that we want to make for the new season; the content of things that can be made a bit better. “

These topics will determine the next two or three weeks before Nagelsmann, after a “not very simple” first season as a Bayern coach, also temporarily say goodbye to vacation.

Simon Terodde: Thanks to the fans after the 2-1 in Sandhausen

After the cheering scenes, the fact that the Schalkers could stay away from the SV Sandhausen Favorite Schreck SV Sandhausen after the SV Sandhausen Favorite Schreck SV Sandhausen. Finally, Königsblau responded to a stroke of the neck in the final phase and also benefited from the Bremen defeat and from the draw of FC St. Pauli, which is why more and more can be dreamed of in Gelsenkirchen.

Terodde must “realize” the events first

As double packer Simon Terodde presented himself after the final whistle at “Sky”, it simply fit into the picture: Full of joy, but without voice the record goal scorer of the 2nd Bundesliga croaks: “You have to realize what has gone here today.” Even before the kick -off, the supporters presented in the outnumbered would have supported the team strongly. Incidentally, Terodde had left his non -existent voice “in the curve and just in the cabin”.

Büskens speaks of incredible emotions

Terodde on fire! | Hansa Rostock - FC Schalke 0-2 | All Goals | Matchday 8 – Bundesliga 2 -21/22
With regard to the course of the game, manager Rouven Schröder meant: “It’s just nice, the boys deserve it mercilessly that we Genau shoot this goal as late. It goes down like oil.” Schröder and Coach Mike Büskens preferred to talk about the tags. The interim coach said that he once again saw the reason “why you play football and why you like to be part of the hottest club in the world – incredible, that’s so much emotion.”

Terodde therefore did not try to talk about himself in a fragile voice. “The fans should celebrate, I think they also pushed us to win in the end,” said the striker and explained: “Usually you collapse after the compensation, but when you see what is going on… With the support Then it. “

What the Schalke fans tear off is incredible.

Rouven Schröder

From many ways, Terodde briefly lacked the words. However, what he knew: In his “tip kick goal” in added time, everyone had fallen into “pure ecstasy”. “When I saw the team, the colleagues, the coaching team: I think I would have loved to run out of the stadium.” Sports director Schröder explained it for “indescribable what the Schalke fans tear off here is incredible”.

According to their idea, the team and supporters should be able to rave so at the end of the season. Schröder found it important to enjoy at the weekend, but then the motto would be called again: “Focus, there is no alternative”. Terodde also said: “We still have two games and we have to tear them.”

Both next week on Saturday (6.30 p.m.) in your own arena against direct competitor St. Pauli and on the last matchday at 1. FC Nürnberg (May 15, 3:30 p.m.), a good performance and plenty of will. It should be clear that the fans will be able to do their part today at the latest.

Eintracht Frankfurt: Two ARD reporters apparently from West-Ham

Two radio reporters from Hessischer Rundfunk were apparently attacked by home fans during the semi-final first leg of the Europa League between Eintracht Frankfurt and West Ham United. This is shown by excerpts from the live report.

“We are being attacked here from behind,” said HR reporter Philipp Hofmeister shortly after the compensation gate by West Ham United: “So we really have to be a bit of a look at what we are doing here.”

West Ham United vs. Eintracht Frankfurt – Highlights & Tore | UEFA Europa League

A few seconds earlier, Tumulte could be heard in the background, Hofmeister’s colleague Tim Brockmeier was torn off the headset.

“Of course this is blatant when you are attacked by English fans here. No idea what is with them. I have never experienced anything like that,” said Brockmeier a few moments later about the aggression and emphasized: “We are shocked.”

Brockmeier and Hofmeister did not wore injuries. “We got both blows. It was difficult afterwards. But we are doing well according to the circumstances,” said the latter.

After the break, the commentators finally changed places, the rapid and complicated exchange of seats had taken care of the West Ham United team. They could comment on Daichi Kamada’s 2-1 winning goal without any disturbance.

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Long -distance relationship Formula 1: Green light for Audi and Porsche

The green light for a Formula 1 entry from Audi and Porsche also delighted Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen in Melbourne. “It is great that we get new manufacturers in sports, especially because there are many teams who have the potential to be top teams,” said record world champion Hamilton, welcoming the two Volkswagen company daughters.

Verstappen: “It is very exciting”

“It is very exciting and also very important for Formula 1,” said the current Champion Verstappen on Friday, for which Porsche could play a very important role in the future. “Of course we already have ten great teams, but it is also nice to have really big brands in your back.”

Audi and Porsche took a crucial hurdle on the way to the premier class of motorsport on Thursday. In its meeting, the Volkswagen supervisory board confirmed “Planning of the two group brands for a possible entry into Formula 1”.

Translated freely, this means that the head of the family gives the two daughters the blessing when choosing a partner. Whether dates also become fixed relationships is just the attractive offspring.

“Finale phase”

As Audi announced, one now has “fundamentally to get into the premier class of motorsport in 2026 in order to demonstrate” ahead of technology “. However, a decision for an introduction has not yet been made, you are “in the final phase of the evaluation”.

future regulations is crucial

F1 Car v BMW M1000 RR Superbike v 911 Turbo S: DRAG RACE

The VW concert daughters Audi and Porsche have been associated with a Formula 1 entry for months. Delegations were also involved in preliminary talks about the future regulations. And these technological guidelines are crucial for starting.

100 percent of sustainable fuel

Formula 1 meets interested manufacturers with a standard compromise. From 2026, the hybrid engines are to be operated with 100 percent sustainable fuel. The combustion engine in the unit should only contribute 50 percent of the service, the rest is electrical. That fits the future alignment of the car industry.

In addition, one has agreed on an end to the expensive and complex engine component MGU-H, which gains energy from the exhaust gas heat of the engine. The Automobil World Association FIA published a blueprint in December 2021.

This drive formula is to be adopted in summer – but it could only be autumn. Only then would Audi and Porsche say yes to the long -distance relationship in four years.

commitment more predictable

Formula 1 is an attractive playground for manufacturers – also because it wants to position itself more and more sustainably. The tightened budget border, which has decreased to $ 140 million this year, makes the commitment financially predictable. Ferrari and Mercedes even work profitably in the former monetary destruction roundabout.

takes over Audi ex-world champion McLaren?

Who should be the chosen ones for the VW subsidiaries? Audi is associated with a takeover of the McLaren sports car brand, which is also represented in Formula 1 with Mercedes as an engine partner. The British are a top candidate solely because of the rich past with former world champions such as Niki Lauda, Alain Prost, Ayrton Senna and Lewis Hamilton.

“Auto, Motor und Sport” called another, far less dazzling alternative in the Swiss clean team, if there should be no deal for financial reasons. Clean is adaptable. From 2006 to 2009 BMW gave the tone in the team, now the racing team is called Alfa Romeo. Sebastian Vettel’s Aston-Martin team at Audi is said to have also asked for a collaboration.

And Porsche? A partnership between the sports car builder and Red Bull for the current world champion Verstappen is considered an ideal solution. There have long been contacts, both brands would probably also go well together from the image. The fact that Verstappen has a contract by the end of 2028 also means planning security.

It is also speculated at a time when the partnership could announce. The Red Bull home game in Spielberg on the second weekend in July is mentioned. But also away from the asphalt: until then a lot can happen.

Leitl: I have not given a club a promise

The sporting fate of the cloverlate is sealed with the descent, the game at Union Berlin on Friday evening (8:30 p.m.) is nothing more than a leak for points from Franconian perspective. Basic decisions are important. The Von Leitl reads: he leaves the Ronhof. “I made a decision,” the 44 -year -old began, and he put the emphasis on “one” later. It was very difficult for him and a process over several weeks. At the time of the Berlin, she finally betrayed it, the day after the Berlin, the day after the 1: 4 against Leverkusen and the descent.

“We have been able to spend an intensive and successful time in the past almost three and a half years,” summarized the still coach. With “We” I “mean” all employees, fans and sponsors who have contributed to the chance of success “. He expressed a “very special thanks” to sports director Rachid Azzouzi, for the trust, support and open and honest communication. With the latter, Leitl delivered a steep template, as Azzouzi had shown himself disappointed on Wednesday that Leitl’s conversations with Hannover 96 have learned about the media and not personally. On Thursday, the coach defended questions with the reference to “a meeting that is common in the industry”.

Leitl: “Everything can happen”

In Hanover, it is assumed that Leitl will become a new trainer. But he fades: “I have not given a club a promise, everything can happen.” It is quite possible that the finalization of his new commitment depends on the fact that 96 creates relegation in the 2nd division. It is considered very likely, but is not yet fixed.

A new speech is needed, a new energy, I am no longer ready.

Liem Le:

Stefan Leitl

Leitl preferred to talk about the past and the present about the future. “I did not make the decision against the SpVgg, but for myself. I proudly look back on what was achieved.” For example on the relegation in 2019, the promotion 2021 or David Raum and Anton Stach, who played below him and are now national players. Now he handed over a team that descends from the Bundesliga, but will be in their foundation and, thanks to Rachid Azzouzi, will also be well positioned in the coming season. He had decided not to want to stand in the way of a fresh start. “It takes a new speech, a new energy, I am no longer ready for that.” Honorary, but also with a tasty, Hanover was supposed to retain the relegation at the weekend and Leitl will then be presented there immediately.

Oh yes, in the end it was also about the staff: Jamie Leweling, unlike Max Christiansen, returns to Covid-19, but Jeremy Dudziak (tonsillitis) fails again, and Paul Seguin and Havard Nielsen are still missing.

Hannover 96: Boss child is aiming for return to the Bundesliga

Hannover 96 wants to bring the relegation to Karlsruher SC on Friday evening against Karlsruher SC (6.30 p.m., live! At Leitl). And then initiate a turning point.

Hannover 96: Bei diesen Abgängen kann der Blick Richtung Bundesliga-Rückkehr gehen!

budget of around 40 million euros

96 boss Martin Kind had announced that after the recent saving and shrinking course of the recent past, switching back to attack mode and wanting to take the return to the Bundesliga target with a budget of around 40 million euros. With concentrated financial strength, after the remaining remaining in the 2nd division as soon as possible, it should go up again, with fresh faces.

promising conversations with Neumann

Fabian Kunze looks like the harbinger of a new time. 96 agreed with the 23-year-old Bielefelder 96. In promising discussions, the Lower Saxony are also with Phil Neumann. The 24-year-old, once with league competitor FC Schalke 04, is a designated successor to defender Marcel Franke, who has no future in Hanover. Max Besuschkow also has a short past. The contract of the midfielder in Regensburg expires, 96 in his sights.

For the attack, FC Bayern about Nicolas Kühn, a lost son who was born in Wunstorf at the gates of Hanover, would have to be negotiated after Aue about a return to 96. Havard Nielsen also focuses on the offensive. The 28-year-old Norwegian from first division relegated Fürth could be a kind of addition if the coach Stefan Leitl in Hanover hires. With Leitl, Martin Kind and sports director Marcus Mann (once in 2006/07 Leitl’s teammate near Darmstadt 98) achieved an agreement at the beginning of this week – always provided that 96 manages to stay in the league.

NBA News: Nuggets star Nikola Jokic announces early contract extension in Denver

After the Nuggets playoff, Nikola Jokic announced that it would sign an early contract extension in Denver in summer – should the franchise make it a corresponding offer. This is considered very likely.

“If the offer is on the table, then of course I will accept it,” said the Serb shortly after the 98:10 defeat against Golden State and the associated playoff out. The 27-year-old could sign a supermax extension early in the offseason.

According to Salary-Cap expert Bobby Marks from ESPN That would be the largest contract in the NBA history. Jokic would be the ninth player who signs a Supermax, but the first second -round pick and the youngest player who gives this honor.

The current contract of the joker runs until 2023, in the coming season it will earn $ 32.5 million. An early contract extension would guarantee him about 43.8 million for the following season. First of all, however, Jokic announced that he wanted to go back to his Serbian homeland “as soon as possible”, where he will spend part of his summer.

In the past regular season, the center put an average of 27.1 points, 13.8 rebounds and 7.9 assists per game on throw rates of 58.3 percent from the field and 33.7 percent from the triple line. This makes him a promising MVP candidate, as he said about his potentially second award, he was calm: “If I don’t get him, I won’t die.”

Despite a weak supporting cast, he sat down in the PostSeason – in the person of Jamal Murray and Michael Porter Jr. Boards and 5.8 Assists against the Warriors. However, this was only enough to win, after five games the playoffs for the nuggets were running.

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NBA Playoffs – Warriors vs. Nuggets: The series at a glance (4-1)

Game Date Time Home About result
1 17. April 2.30 a.m. Golden State Warriors Denver nuggets 123: 107

2 | 19. April | 4 o’clock | Golden State Warriors | Denver nuggets | 126: 106

Nikola Jokic Postgame Interview - Game 5 - Nuggets vs Raptors | 2022 NBA Playoffs
3 | 22. April | 4 o’clock | Denver nuggets | Golden State Warriors | 113: 118
4 | 24. April | 9:30 p.m. | Denver Nuggets | Golden State Warriors | 126: 121
5 | 28. April | 4 o’clock | Golden State Warriors | Denver nuggets | 102: 98

Barcelona too strong: Bavaria threatens Euroleague

Mirotic fires Barca past Bayern! | Playoffs Game 3, Highlights | Turkish Airlines EuroLeague
With a defeat on Friday (8:45 p.m./Magenta Sport) in the fourth meeting again in Munich, FC Bayern would leave. In the event of a success there is a decision game in Barcelona.

The Euroleague title favorite from Spain showed itself significantly improved from the start after the surprising home bankruptcy from game two. Despite the home advantage, Bayern could not keep up against the Star ensemble, unlike in the two appearances in Barcelona. Led by the former NBA professional Nikola Mirotic, the guests led after ten minutes with 26:17. Until the break, the Catalans even expanded the lead to 18 points.

Bayern were much more attentive in the third quarter and were more than able to make the game more than balanced. After 30 minutes, the team of coach Andrea Trinchieri shortened the deficit thanks to the accurate Vladimir Lucic and a strong defense to ten points (49:59). With a fast 8: 2 run, Barcelona decided the game early in the fourth round and made the 2-1 series management perfect.

The best shooter at Bayern was Lucic with 17 points, while playing two with 25 points excellent Deshaun Thomas only came to four points. The outstanding Mirotic hit the best for FC Barcelona with 25 points.

Bayern Munich – FC Barcelona 66:75 (31:49)

Best thrower Bayern Munich: Lucic (17), Rubit (14), Jaramaz (13)
FC Barcelona: Mirotic (25), Smits (12)
Play-off stand: 1: 2

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