Dirk Nowitzki has no concrete future plans even three years after the end of his big NBA career. “I’m still in an intermediate phase, where I try something a bit,” said the German basketballidol on Tuesday in Cologne: “I’m not ready to commit myself for one thing.” In addition, Novitzki talked about Rookie Franz Wagner.

“At some point something will happen,” said the 43-year-old. But there is a lot of fun, “to spend time with the children, which are also in sports”. The Würzburger has a daughter and two sons with his wife Jessica.

Novitzki, in his role as ambassador for the EM 2022 (1 to 18 September) in the cathedral town, will intensify at least the work in his former club in Dallas in the future. “It’s obvious that I’m involved in the Mavericks,” said the NBA Champion of 2011: “At the moment I am in the advisory role.”

In addition, Nowitzki Chairman is the game commission at the World Association Fiba. Most recently, the Würzburger at the headquarters in Mies / Switzerland was a guest and took part for the first time as a member of a board meeting. “We are asked, can bring input,” said Nowitzki’s tasks. “It’s fun, and I’m learning a lot.” It was “13, 14 old players” involved.

Nowitzki has always stressed that he can not imagine a coaching career. Apart from that, the former star player did not exclude anything.

Dirk Nowitzki “Franz Wagner has all surprised us”

Rookie Franz Wagner has left at Novitzki with his achievements in the NBA great impression. “Franz has all surprised us, he plays a great season,” Novitzki said, “He is an incredible all-round player at his age.”

The Berlin Wagner (20) comes in his first NBA playing time on average of 15.4 points for Orlando Magic and has convinced so far on a whole line. His older brother Moritz (24) is also playing for the Team of Florida, both belong to the many candidates for this year’s European Championship (1 to 18 September).

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“If everyone is ready, we would have been available seven NBA players,” said Novitzki, who will be present as an EM ambassador in Cologne (preliminary round) and Berlin (final round): “I hope we play a great European Championship in the home country “

In the German cabin, the 43-year-old is expected to be found during the annual highlight. “It’s not planned at the moment that I’m in the team. That’s not my thing,” said Nowitzki. Already at the 2019 World Cup in China, he kept it that way.

Dirk Novitzki: DHB has “a lot of potential”

The German national team has “a lot of potential. The boys played a great summer. They were at Olympia, which nobody had thought before,” says Novitzki, “I think we did a step forward.”

Success does not guarantee that for a long time. “Are they all fit? Fits the team well together?” That’s important questions about every tournament. Of course, “A Queen Happiness” also belong to “always with them”.

The selection of the German Basketball Federation (DBB) meets in late summer in the preliminary round on France, Slovenia, Lithuania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Hungary. Four teams come into the second round. “It’s a heavy group that I have expired,” Nowitzki.

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A real tournament favorite does not give it. “France is in front of Spain is always there,” said Nowitzki. The lucky charm also trusts the DBB team too: “If it goes to Berlin, everything is possible.”